fat hen

  1. Daniel

    British Sugars Penultimate Sugar Campaign. 2021/22

    Ahead of tonight's online bunfight, I thought I'd start a new thread for this year's beet crop. I assume all growers have signed up for the meeting? With the 3 year contracts ending next year, this year could be the 2nd last year of having a viable sugar industry in this country. Or maybe...
  2. M

    General margin per acre/ha?

    I've been having some varied discussions with some of my neighbours recently about what an expected / acceptable and realistic margin per acre is, in broad terms across the whole arable side of the farm and also per crop. As per usual, the figures vary wildy, from those who will always be...
  3. czechmate


    I have a small patch of oats which due to low rate liberator have no weeds👍, except cleavers. I don’t have a starane type product but I do still have a lot of MCPA and 24d which I mix for grass fields. Would on of those or a mix kill cleavers? The labels only talk about perennial weeds🤷‍♂️ tia
  4. D

    SSSI Spring Barley herbicides

    Hi folks, just been granted consent to plant some spring barley on SSSI. Unfortunately they have refused consent to let me use Ally Max as a herbicide as they deem it toxic to bugs etc. They have asked me to submit application for consent for alternatives. Thought the collective brains on here...
  5. D

    Natural Regeneration - Does it fit anything?

    After some serious thought I have decided I would be willing to allow 40 acres out of 180 to go to natural regeneration. Its all extremes of soil types and would buffer and straightnen the edges of watersourses very nicely leaving me with the easier working land in nice square blocks, amenable...
  6. wellingtonfarmer


    Anyone consistently had success growing lupins?
  7. Zippy768

    Bean Seed

    A few questions... -Do people bother to clean if farm saving? - (It absolutely didn't have pre harvest glyphosate) Would pre harvest Roundup affect germination? - Does bean seed keep over year ok? I didn't get all the winters in and can now switch to spring cheaper.
  8. farmer dave136

    Spring sowing Red clover grass ley

    Thinking I’m a bit short of silage grass I use red clover grass mixes I usually sow them in the autumn but thought I could switch a field out of beans into grass to give me a bit more forage how many bales would I expect an acre of a spring sown crop probably be April before I get it in
  9. Fat hen

    Agents’ cheery outlook post-BPS

    Recently attended a zoom meeting with a respected independent land agent. He described the next 5 yrs as the biggest change in Farming in a lifetime. He painted a fairly bleak picture of agric under the Tory government’s funding plans, none of which encourage food production: > £40K BPS will be...
  10. F

    Is there a standard minimum load before cap charges apply?

    Or are all merchants different? I always thought it was 25t? Where do I find out?
  11. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  12. Dave6170

    Forage rape stalks

    Last couple of years we ve had big crops of rape, dad maintains that the lambs won't do on the stalks once the leaves have been eaten. I just think its a waste. What do others do?
  13. F

    poppies in winter linseed

    What is the best approach? Loads of them. Field has had Avadex and it looks to have slightly yellowed them? Will the Maya, Eagle mix do them in the spring? I'm worried they will get quite big....... Not on label for either of them but is on label for Ally.............. Any thoughts @They see me...
  14. Fat hen

    Hot tubs - Holiday lets - are they worth it?

    I know Hot tubs are supposed to increase bookings and asking price but are they worth it? I gather they need testing for legionnaries,etc twice daily to comply with HSG282. Then there is the weekly empty and cleanse...maybe there is more work with them? I'd be interested to know how people...
  15. Fat hen

    Sugar beet in dd

    Ive let a neighbour loose growing fodder beet on some lightish land (some clay patches). Due to be lifted in Nov by a beet contractor. Been no till since 2014-5. I am not looking fwd to the aftermath once its been lifted, want to get some WW in there, if it dries up in Dec or Jan. I have a LD...
  16. phr49

    Beet yields 2020

    How are we finding early yields did see some optimism on FWI site saying yields better than anticipated ........?!BS predicting 10-15% reduction in yields as an average . Had a colleague lift a fair tonnage Norfolk way with a disappointing 18 t acre adjusted . Not looking forward to lifting...
  17. Clive

    Feeding chickens ?

    silly question probably ! can i feed our few house chicken (that have access to grass etc) on just wheat ? or do they need something else in their diet ? is whole wheat ok or should it be rolled ?
  18. M


    I would like to nominate the above as cover crop champion 🏆
  19. M

    Simtech questions

    Not a DDer currently but considering it, and from what I gather many would recommend a T-SEM as a good option for a small farm with a limited budget, which we are. Any general advice welcome, but specifically what are people's thoughts re row spacing? We bale all our straw but aim to spread...
  20. Blaithin

    Kiss The Ground

    Just came out on Netflix here. Giving it a watch. It’s been mentioned in a couple other threads but deserves one of its own. Message is simple and fairly clear. Keep the soil healthy. Keep the soil covered. There are parts that are annoying. Spray planes when talking about glyphosate. GMOs...