fat hen

  1. R

    How much Soya would be grown

    If there were no livestock to eat it? Are we so dependent on it now that as much would still be grown? Would we save the planet as we are told? or would we grow even more to replace meat, cooking fat, etc.
  2. Y

    Thoughts on loosing BPS and replacing with ELMS?

    What are people’s thoughts and what are you doing to get ready for the change
  3. R

    So who has started drilling ?

    Normally try and drill first ten days of October but last two years have been caught by heavy storms just after drilling that has gone on for months, thinking of going early this time, what's are others doing ?
  4. bobk

    Is linseed a good break crop

    Not growing beans , although ideal as a break , horrible to combine and not much better to sell , rape would be good but circumstances have ruled that out
  5. Fat hen

    How to Remove chopped straw

    We have too much to chopped straw in a couple of fields which have already been LD flatlifted. Thinking about borrowing a rake to drag it to the margin Any suggestions on legal ways of removing it please?
  6. C

    Herbal leys for dairy cattle grazing

    Moving over to herbal leys here for dairy cow grazing (holsteins on conventional system). Drought prone soil and low summer rainfall are main reasons. Lots of advice out there but seems more beef/sheep than dairy focus. So for dairy cows... Who's got them? What do you put in them? Are the...
  7. daveydiesel1

    Roundup onto cuttin ground

    Going today to put roundup onto some ground were cuttin silage off was wonderin what was the quickest i can cut it after sprayin as dont want to wait til its startin to change colour
  8. G

    The Anyone finished yet thread

  9. W

    Extase potential problems

    I have heard from my agronomist today that someone not far from me PE9 postcode, has been harvesting extase with a yield of about 2 t/ha. Apparently KwS are looking into this. Has anyone else had any problems.?
  10. Kidds

    Roundup Ready Ryegrass

    https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2021-08-12/paraquat-resistance/100370332?fbclid=IwAR24EHg7tLorhpP_ovff2iG-Ayqm_78_Mpo8pmWA3WRb66Xo3EdoCA5mDvY The surprising bit is it is also Paraquat ready. Paraquat is banned now but having used it extensively when it wasn't I am surprised to see resistance...
  11. Fat hen

    Moving a 20ft high Steel bin w/o dismantling??

    Got a few corrugated steel bins (20ft high 60t capacity, I think). Wanting to move them out of a dutch barn a short distance perhaps for glamping. Do you think it is possible to move them without dismantling - say hoisting them up with a long telehandler arm??
  12. Fat hen

    Making meat production illegal - yikes

    https://protecttheharvest.com/news/animal-extremists-coming-for-oregon-next-to-criminalize-animal-husbandry/ You've heard about the lab-grown meat future that the Davos/WEF lot want for us. It seems a distant prospect to most of us. But maybe not. Like a co-ordinated pincer movement they are...
  13. dragonfly

    Establishing AB15 legume mix

    I have 90 hectares of AB15 legume mix to establish immediately after harvest. I have my seed delivered and waiting in the barn. Considering the late(ish) harvest and the fact that I am following spring barley, what establishment method should I use?
  14. W

    Organic farming

    Hello guys! Wondering if anyone can advise some good resources on organic farming for me to learn from? Any textbooks, online websites or books I can buy on the matter. I’ve a degree in science and so have a particular interest in studying farming and coming at things from a scientific...
  15. Greythundercloudys

    Johnston, miner strike.

    Sure he, ll lose votes in Northern England buy saying what he said, l think there is still bad feelings about those how went to work and those how striked even nearly 40 years ago.
  16. Bojangles

    Fat Hens will they eat them or am I going to have to kill the clover

    Got a reseed that is just full of fat hens 🤦‍♂️ I took the chance as it was sprayed off and put a decent amount of clover in the mix. Now I’m staring at a bloody mess. Have put ewes on it and obviously they are loving the grass but it’s becoming obvious as they eat it down how bad the bloody...
  17. S

    Dow shield 400 in veg.

    Does it have activity against chickweed? Looking for something to spray mixed brassicas and beetroot for chickweed and redshank.
  18. alomy75

    Who said tine drills can’t handle trash!

    Re-drilling my winter bird cover after it failed. Pale persicaria, redshank and fat hen took over. Sprayed off yesterday, drilled today and despite my bum being clenched for the whole time, I managed to drill 2.5ha with only one blockage. Astonished.
  19. tomildinio

    Sunflower safe herbicides

    Pre emerge didn't work of pdm as was too dry. Too hot and dry for kerb and that didn't work. Now have a lovely crop of fat hen, sow thistle, chickweed and knotweed. Graminicides are OK but need something for broadleaves. Was reading in Canada they us salsa, the osr herbicide? Anyone any ideas...
  20. spin cycle

    gs4 legume and herb rich

    anyone grow this?.....whats it like to establish/weed control?.....can it make hay?...though nutrient depletion could be a problem :scratchhead: .......grazing wise what sorta lsu can it reasonably support without falling foul of regs:scratchhead: