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  1. Beefy23

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    Hi all

    Does anyone know of the grants that are going to be offered for 2017? I am under the young farmers scheme. More importantly where do you find such grants? because I always hear of people getting them but I always seem to miss the boat.

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  2. The answer is Turkey...... young farmer grants of 50% on buying imported dairy heifers.....grrrr. Seems they are happy paying 2500 euro for incalf fleckvieh heifers in Austria as they get a 1250 euro rebate.
  3. Happiness

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    We had to jump through a lot of hoops to get young farmer status, wasn't easy and we get a top up on our farm payments, but it equates to a few hundred quid a year. Was not really worth it. Might be something better now though. We in Wales.
  4. Beefy23

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    I know the feeling after doing all the paper work to get young farmer status the pay back is minimal
  5. Wink

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    Have a look at the "Henry Plumb Foundation", excellent grants for youngish farmers are available along with mentor business support!
  6. Beefy23

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    I'll have a look. Cheers for the advice
  7. AvonValleyFarmer

    That's looks a good foundation. I wish I'd have know about them a few months ago before I borrowed from the bank :rolleyes:
  8. Wink

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    Do both? I did the same and didn't know about the foundation and like I have just done got passed on the information after I had taken out a personal loan to get started. So I used the loan to set me off initially and then applied for the grant to further the business along. It really is worthwhile and a great foundation with ongoing support/contact from the trust if you want as graduates. Feel free to pm me @AvonValleyFarmer and @Beefy23 if you need anymore info.
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