Fencing going missing!

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  1. Had a battery, energiser, some posts and wire go missing from a field yesterday. They didn't take wire/posts from where the sheep are, but from the next block that was fenced ready for the sheep to go into. Only thing they took from where the sheep are was a wooden corner post! Strange thing was, they didn't leave the wire slack, but tightened it back up again round a plastic post! Very odd, seems like a farmer sort of job to me, very frustrating. Any ideas to stop the battery/energiser going missing?
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    If they’ve taken fencing that’s set up then I’d reckon they’ve a Rappa.

    Maybe a contractor who’s got the wrong field?

    I had an energiser stolen last week. First time in 4 yrs. I’ve ordered some trail cams.
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  5. My brother had a battery taken over weekend nothing else and it was a tractor battery they would have carried it 400m weird!!!
  6. Apart from burying the lot in a box so it isn't visible, no,. Thing is, electric fencers are really only used by other farmers and horse folk. If there were no purchasers for knocked off kit, there'd be point in taking it would there?
    We had a spell of repeated theft of energisers and borrowed one from the Rural Crime team, which had a tracker fitted. It was duly stolen and subsequently tracked to the garden shed of a house ADJACENT to the home of a known thief. The crime team were unable or unwilling, ( I don't know which), to enter the property to retrieve it.FFS!!:banghead::banghead::banghead:
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    get fencer inside a ammunition box , keeps it dry and can chain it on , make a slot to put wires out through , get batteries from the scrap £5 part ex or £10 , without part ex , run the chain through the battery handles and on to box , we found most fencer thefts were people just picking them up and putting them inside their coat ,
    inside a metal box , with movement sensors painted on the outside stopped it dead , They ought to put those small trackers in fencers as its usually the same bugger having them,
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    When I have sheep near the road I alway put a broken unit and battery by the gate. They never seem to look for another one. I also do this near footpaths to stop the sods turning them off (they only do it once and grab the fence)
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    Our most vulnerable one (and it's battery) is in a locked metal box which sits on an insulated post and is wired into the fence line - had it about 5 years now and so far, so good.

    The fudger will probably be gone in the morning now I've said that:unsure:
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  10. That is the most brilliant simple idea I have ever heard!!!!
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    im full of simple ideas but they are rarely brilliant!!
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    This 1 is(y)
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    Home made metal box with a tractor wafer weight or two in the base so its nearly impossible to carry away and padlock it shut with a high security padlock so it cant be cut. As for the fencing nothing you can really do!
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    I have two pieces of angle iron about 6ft long with a bolt in the middle so it can be open and closed like a big x
    Once open there is an extra hole to put a padlock through so it can't be closed, on this I have bolted the fencer on it. you would have to have a pickup to pinch it as you can't put it in the boot of a car.
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  16. try this search

    I bought this kit because it worked out the most cost effective way of sorting the problem. The tin box is quite flimsy but does the job and at least the battery is inside, and I put a chain with the padlock round a concrete weight, and try to put it as far from a road as possible. So far so good with the energiser but lost two Rappa posts with about 300m on each.
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    You can quite easily wire up an old ammo box to the fencer inside. It is surprisingly effective. You can be brave or put a switch on the side.
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    steel box of a size big enough to hold some water containers, which you fill up when in position and empty out if need to move, and lock on setting up. its not the loss of energiser its more when beasts go walk abouts that bothers me
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    I had a battery and fencer taken a few weeks ago along with almost all the rappa superlight posts and half the wire and reels. Sheep were still where they were supposed to be when it was discovered. Definitely a farmer done it, as they only took the newest rappa posts and left the faded old Rutland ones behind.
    The battery and fencer were secured inside a metal cabinet. But it wasn't strong enough as they used the earth stake to prize the bottom off the box. Very frustrating but fortunately was covered by NFU insurance.
  20. My cunning plan... as I use a solar panels to keep the fencer up to scratch, is to drop a telegraph pole into the ground and then have the service box and panel, about 15ft in the air. Access will by telescopic, but as the system is not needing fresh batteries, access is rarely required.Maybe wrap some barbed wire about 6-7ft up the pole??
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