FM-750 GPS

Don C. S.

I have a Case IH FM-750 GPS unit. I use it to measure acres and locate points in a field from my 4 wheeler. For some reason I can not get it to measure acres now. It has a satellite signal. It will measure speed. When I hit the button to begin to measure acres nothing happens. I should have tried to locate a point but I have not. Is there a setting that needs changed? I am unaware that I accidentally changed anything.

Don C. S.

Is coverage on?

It should fill in yellow behind you if recording area.
I am not using it to record sprayer coverage. I am using it to measure acres of an area. I drive the perimeter of an area and while I am during so the screen shows a red/orange fill in color of the area being measured. I push the measure area button at a starting point then push it again at the same location when I finish driving the perimeter. This is what is is not doing now. Thank you for the reply.


Did you use the “record boundary” to do it?
You can switch boundaries on or off in the settings, it sounds like you might need turning on again.

Don C. S.

I hope you are right. It sounds possible. I don't know how it would have gotten turned off but things happen. I have went through the setting but it is possible I didn't go through the correct setting location or simply didn't see the option. Can you give me direction to locate this setting? Thanks for the reply.

Don C. S.

You solved my problem! Thank you so much! I figured it was a setting and I had looked through them but didn't go to the right place. It was very simple with your help.

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