1. T

    Kuhn Axis 40.2 dosing error

    The Kuhn axis 40.2 ecm i am using is recording less product than actually used, even with quality products such as nitram, more has been applied by the spreader than is recorded on weigh counter, any ideas what is wrong with it? The picture attached was 2400kg spread but has been recorded as...
  2. Clive

    Vaderstad drill speed signal

    Is it possible to run a vaderstad drill control box from a speed signal other than the drill's radar? ie the tractor GPS or wheels speed sensor The radar has failed on our carrier bio-drill and rather than get that repaired I'm wondering if we can simply use a different (more accurate) speed...
  3. H

    Situation Vacant Skilled Arable Operator - Stamford (Near Peterborough)

    Skilled arable operator required on 600ha farm on Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border to the east of Stamford. Cropping includes cereals, sugar beet, OSR and beans Requirements: Full UK Driving Licence Telehandler, PA1, PA2 and PA4 S+G qualifications Experienced machinery operator with...
  4. V

    Vantage strengthens service backup with engineering expertise

    Dedicated to delivering up to date products and the best back up in the business, Vantage England & Wales have added a new installation & Service engineer to their team. Harry Hamer is the most recent addition and will be based in the North West of the companies trading area, England, and...
  5. Bald Rick

    Farming and the ageing process

    Comments in the H&S thread got me thinking as I’m now within a few months of turning 60. I suppose I am increasingly a bit of a liability. I won’t drive tractors unless forced to but any machine has to be hitched on for me; Mechanical jobs take me longer as I like to get everything just so -...
  6. R

    Anyone using Agricision on track and is it any good?

    Is anyone using Agricision on track gps and is it any good? Only needed for spreading fert.
  7. Clive

    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    This industry has a tragic safety record, what can we all do that may improve this ? lets use this thread for suggestions ? some maybe unpopular with others (I know mine will be !) but surely we can’t continue watching so many loose their life’s trying to produce a bit of food my top 3...
  8. Farm Classifieds

    John Deere Nozzle Control Kit

    John Deere Nozzle Control Kit Advert added by: Farol Ltd Machinery Details Category: GPS and Farm Electronics GPS and Precision Farming equipment Price: £4320 Condition: Used Description How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this listing and...
  9. Farm Classifieds

    Raven Autotrac Controller

    Raven Autotrac Controller Advert added by: Farol Ltd Machinery Details Category: GPS and Farm Electronics GPS and Precision Farming equipment Price: £750 Condition: Used Description How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this listing and contact...
  10. Chae1

    Another tragic farm accident.

    Be careful out there guys.:(:cry: It's not that important. BBC News - Woman dies in Aberdeenshire farm incident
  11. C


    Anybody on here watched seaspiracy on Netflix? Doesn’t make good watching but after some of the programmes falsely portraying farming of late i’m at odds as to whether to believe all that was said in the programme. What do others think is it an accurate portrayal of what is happening?
  12. D

    Challenger 45 GPS

    Can you get GPS steering system to work on a Challenger 45 ( electric steering wheel ) like a Trimble CFX 750 and EZ-Pilot with RangePoint RTX
  13. A

    AgStar connecting cable

    Hello everyone! I want connect AgStar GPS to CCI1200 terminal but I can't find the required cable anywhere. GPS have a 14 pin AmpSeal type connecting and terminal have a 12 pin Deutsch type connecting. Where can i find the required cable or I can do it myself ? Thank you Greetings from Estonia!
  14. F

    How do you spray around poles and trees

    Do you. Fold up or drive around in a circle
  15. J

    Amatron 3 section control

    I have a new to me Amazone UX4200 sprayer with a Amatron 3 box with section control . Could someone tell me what settings to alter as it is turning off too late when I get to the headland and turning on too late when I turn around and go back up the field!. It has had a software upgrade. Thanks.
  16. J

    4xtrahands / farm employee

    It is proving to be incredibly difficult finding a decent person to come and work here. There seems to be a serious shortage of people wanting a job in farming around here which is compounded by the fact that there are other farms in a similar position as me with regards to labour. Has anyone...
  17. N

    Claas Guidance system

    Is it possible to take the dome and screen from the claas system and use on a different brand if you use a claas motorized steering wheel? Not integrating it but like JD's ATU200 steering wheel you can use on older tractors. Have two claas guidance systems on harvesters but all tractors are...
  18. Farm Business RSS

    NFU Mutual anticipates rise in quad bike theft during lambing season

    Written by Iain Hoey The latest figures from NFU Mutual have determined that rural thieves are targeting expensive quad bikes used by farmers to tend to livestock during the lambing season, with warning that this type of theft is likely to increase as lockdown eases. The rural insurer said...
  19. Agriland RSS

    Agriculture Committee lays out key findings of Independent Panel review

    Written by Rachel Martin Northern Ireland’s Agriculture Committee has passed on the findings of its review of the Independent Panel process to the Minister of Agriculture. Concerns were raised that only written evidence was admissible and also that additional evidence was not allowed to be...
  20. Exfarmer

    Vaccine passport for a pint

    What a brilliant idea, we can have summer of drinking without all those young people and their fancy drinks. Hopefully be able to get in the local and sup a pint at the bar.