1. Cab-over Pete

    Retrofitting Autosteer.

    Aye up, I can hardly believe I’m asking this, but what would be a rough cost to retrofit an autosteer system to my Zetros? I really like the machine, it does and has everything I need and nothing I don’t need, it’s just the job. But I’m buggered if I can keep it straight on soft ground. I am...
  2. JCfarmer

    Drilling and not putting in tramlines but adding autosteer to the sprayer?

    I know a few of you already do this, do you have much trouble with green grains come harvest? Do you use egnos or a more accurate signal? I will have an autopilot steering system which will be available off a tractor which is being sold and a new 5m drill but on 24m tramlines so rather than...
  3. B


    So all the headlines are saying? Dont get me wrong i think the armed forces do a great job, i support them 100 percent, but come come how many are tankerdriver qualified? i bet its not many, its a great headline but as always, when you dig below the surface they are hollow words?
  4. P

    GPS Auto Steering Kits for Agricultural Machinery with RTK Base station, ISOBUS and WIFI camera

    Hi Everyone, I am presenting GPS Auto Steering Kits for Agricultural Machinery with RTK Base station, ISOBUS, and WIFI camera. Compatible with agricultural machinery manufactured by: John Deere, Fendt, Deutz-Fahr, Case IH / Steyr, Kubota, New Holland... and so on. The main benefits are: Aid...
  5. caveman

    Brexit isnt the problem

    It's the signing up to the EU in the first place that is the cause of where we find ourselves today.
  6. W

    Good luck root crop farmers …….

    See attached
  7. Barleycorn

    Eating more dairy fat linked to lower risk of heart disease Can't read the whole article as it's behind a paywall, but why aren't AHDB and NFU screaming this from the rooftops?
  8. C

    accord drill markers

    fgs box not moving on when lifting markers any suggestions
  9. C

    RTK base station. Trimble fm750

    Is it possible to set up a RTK base station to work with my Trimble fm750
  10. vinnie123

    Vaderstad rapid gps settings?

    Evening all, drilling with a 4m vaderstad rapid with the system discs - have read in other threads about offset etc but still not quite got it right yet. What settings are others using? Ground is worked and rolled and lightly using front discs Tia
  11. JP1

    Threave Estate set a tracker research project for their Beltie coos
  12. Farm Classifieds

    TC000428 - Used Topcon Receiver

    TC000428 - Used Topcon Receiver Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: GPS and Farm Electronics GPS and Precision Farming equipment Price: £1750 Condition: Used Description Topcon AGI 4 Reciever Autoguide Unlocked to RTK How to make...
  13. Selectamatic

    Drilling with tramlines...

    All help greatfully accepted... Soon, I will be sowing winter cerials, but for the first time ever I will be laying down Tramlines. Three Meter Box Drill, not on a Power Harrow. I have a 12m Sprayer. Just pondering the best way to go about it... Thanks everyone!
  14. Case290

    Rds ps8000i variable rate seed plan

    Maybe is a old thread on this contour ag +seed Plan ——- to Rds control box Any tips to get this to work Seed plan complete Select individual fields download to sd card Rds box asking for farm number field number ? ??? 👎 day gone got no where fast
  15. melted welly

    2nd hand replacement tractor

    Don’t like buying stuff, enjoy the end result, don’t like the process. looking to replace a tractor with something in the 170/180hp range ideally no more than £70/75k so in the 4-6000hr area. Few key criteria: 6cyl Ideally vario Not too heavy Manoeuvrable (for traile planter) Comfy cab, decent...
  16. B

    ELMS Fiasco

    Given what we know of Defra it goes without saying that this whole ELMS project is going to end up a right fiasco with endless delayed payments, endless queries, & intrusive inspections, surely for the first few years it would make far more sense to continue with the SFP but have it restricted...
  17. MX7

    Disgraceful that John Deere turning blind eye to JD gps system thefts.

    As above,appalling as JD dealerships only too keen to take your finance when you buy a tractor etc from them. The same applies to all machinery manufacturers. Also dealers make a profit out of supplying replacement units :rolleyes: :mad:
  18. Rob-B

    Mounting of a applicator, on the drill or separate 8 or 12 metres.

    Evening all. Recently purchased a Stocks turbo Jet 8 icon. This has been bought for a variety of reasons and as we are currently fitting it, making brackets and I'm keen to hear peoples feed back and how they have got around issues with theirs. The same or simular machines. My problem is it...
  19. Chrisw

    Older self propelled sprayers

    Hi all, After your thoughts and experiences of self propelled sprayers. I feel its time for me to upgrade my sprayranger, partly because I want a bigger tank (3000l+), slightly more ground clearance (want to go hydrostatic) as we have brought osr into the rotation, and I feel like a change. Have...
  20. Bogweevil

    Bovines learned to use the bathroom

    “Why not just potty train the cows?” That’s what a radio jockey asked animal behaviorist Lindsay Matthews during a 2007 interview about how cow urine harms the environment. The question was in jest, but it got Matthews—a researcher at the University of Auckland—thinking. Now, nearly 14 years...