Grain Segregation: Lego Blocks Instead of Freestanding Dividers


South East
Are lego blocks a realistic / practical option? Want to go up to 4m high. Cheaper to buy / more of a faff to move / reposition but arguably more flexible / redeployable in the long run? Thanks

snarling bee

Arable Farmer
Are you serious about Lego ( as in the little plastic blocks ) blocks going 4 m high ?

1 - have you considered how many blocks you would need ? It would be in the millions . . .

2 - the structural integrity of lego over that distance & the side forces applied to them ??
There you are - business opportunity in Aus. Or do you just call them something different?


Mixed Farmer
J11 M40
My observation is that they take up a fair bit of room and would have to be moved annually to shift the bugs? Not cheap either when I asked, haulage is a bit of a killer.

Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet

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Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet

"With the loss of Bromoxynil another BLW herbicide was needed" says Premium Crops Company Agronomist, Hannah Foxall,"Having fluroxypyr as a Post-Emergence option will enhance our control of; cleavers, knotgrass, black nightshade, fumitory, chickweed and black bindweed in the millet crop"

As with all EAMUs any restrictions guidance stated on the products labels must be adhered to and the approval document can be found by clicking...