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    NFU Scotland creates posters to educate the public on responsible farmland access

    Written by William Kellett NFU Scotland’s Next Generation group are reminding members that they have developed a range of colourful, educational posters, that are designed to inform the public about farming activities taking place in the countryside, linking them to food production, the...
  2. S

    Spraying with a frost at night.

    Got some fungicide, growth reg and manganese to go on wheat and barley but keep getting -1 for a few hours early morning. I’m holding off at the moment, are people still spraying and do they have any bad scorching
  3. Banana Bar

    How late for linseed

    I’ve got 45 ha of linseed that I’m due to drill. Situation is heavy clay that was cultivated in the autumn with a Horsch Terrano and left, therefore it’s not quite level enough to drill into without moving it. The temp is very low and there is no rain forecast for the foreseeable future. I could...
  4. Yorkshire lad

    Rent Review

    We have some land that we rent on an AHA is up for a review this year. It's typical heavy land so not suitable for roots ect . The landlord has appointed a new agent one of the large national ones. He came to view the land last week and said they were looking for an increase of about...
  5. Tierwohl

    How can UK and German farmers work best together?

    What would be the best agricultural way, how hand in hand, UK farmers and German farmers work together for being stronger in other markets?
  6. puntabrava


    Hesston or 3x4 wheat barley or oat straw, North of London to Lincolnshire tel 07836547930
  7. Charles Quick

    Glass Milk Receiver

    I'm after a graduated glass milk receiver. Specific size not important as long as it has accurate markings, preferably with some sort of mounting cradle. Ideally within the Somerset/Taunton area. Thanks.
  8. M

    Lump Sum Exit Scheme

    With the consultation due out on the exit scheme next week, is anyone interested in taking this payment and what would it need to be to incentivise you?
  9. I

    Buying Mechanical seed drill Amazone vs Poettinger?

    Hi guys. I have to purchase a new seed drill for the next season and I focused on these two brands (models), I want to know which one is better and why : Poettinger Vitasem 402 or Amazone D9 4000 Super. Would be very happy if people working/owning one of them gives me some advices. My tractor...
  10. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Global markets waiting for today’s WASDE

    At 5pm today, the latest world agricultural supply and demand estimates (WASDE) are due to be released. After last week’s quarterly grain stocks, global markets have been awaiting the latest figures to steer old-crop prices. But, not much change is predicted by analysts. A small fall is...
  11. Corteva Updates

    Corteva Agriscience Inatreq⢠Active Approved in UK

    Corteva Agriscience Inatreq⢠Active Approved in UK 31 March 2021: Corteva Agriscience announced today that the UK has approved the registration of a product with Inatreq™ active. Univoq™ fungicide with Inatreq active, now approved for sale and use in the UK, is a new fungicide that offers...
  12. P

    What point for CO4?

    So I've brought a CO4 to work alongside my Rapid. I've decided to go for either Dutch or Bourgault (I'm leaning towards Dutch). But don't really know which point to go for. So we are blackgrass free so not so worried about disturbance. The CO4 has a liquid fert kit on it so I want to utilise...
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    267: Fungicide Challenge 2021

    267: Fungicide Challenge 2021 Written by AHDB In this episode, Philip Dolbear, AHDB's South West Knowledge Exchange Manager, talks about the Fungicide Challenge with Chloe Morgan and Jonathan Blake of ADAS, and AHDB Monitor Farm host Ashley Jones from Saltash, Cornwall. They explain the...
  14. J

    Starting up sheep farming

    I am looking to start my own flock of sheep, possibly 100 How many acres would be needed? I am in the lowlands My partner is an arable farmer so is there any way sheep could benefit this?
  15. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Why is it so important to fill out the AHDB Planting & Variety Survey?

    As we head into spring, at AHDB we are starting data collection for the Planting and Variety Survey. The survey provides an estimate of the area and variety breakdown of cereals and oilseed rape to be harvested in Great Britain. Data accuracy and transparency is key to markets. As such...
  16. David.

    Barry Barker

    Reading Anglian Farmer, I note with sadness that Barry Barker has died, actually back in February. He was a valued contributor on matters seed related. Not seen it mentioned elsewhere and didn't know if members were aware. My condolences to his family.
  17. Hutchinsons News

    Understand biostimulants for best results this spring

    Understand biostimulants for best results this spring There are often mixed views about the value of biostimulants to arable crops, but work by leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons shows they can benefit wheat yields if the correct product is applied at the optimum time. Trials over several...
  18. martian

    Groundswell 2021

    We've just put tickets on sale for this years show, which will be on 23rd/24th June, just after Boris's end of restrictions day, 21st June. So we are planning to go ahead as normal. Except nothing is normal now, not even farming. There are some really interesting things going on,on farms around...
  19. Yellow Trousers

    RPA claims site broken?

    I may be doing it all wrong but is anyone else experiencing problems? Specifically, I'm trying to change my cropping from last years (Spr Barley and Forage maize) to this year's (all W Wheat) but I've looked and there's no way I can do it Or is it just me?
  20. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Crop conditions report shows domestic crops are doing well

    Today, we released the latest 2021/22 UK crop development report. This shows the condition rating of crops as at the end of March. Although there was some challenging weather during the 2020 autumn drilling campaign, it was nowhere near the disaster we saw in 2019. Over 90% of winter cereals...