1. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Ukrainian maize situation for UK feed markets next season

    Black Sea maize is a common sight in UK import programmes, especially in tight supply seasons. With maize markets enjoying a high-price season, will this carry on to new-crop and reduce the pressure that more “typical” maize prices have had on feed markets? Forward FOB prices for Black Sea...
  2. Daniel

    New grain silo build.

    It occurred to me that I should stop sticking pictures of our silo build on @Woldgrain Storage excellent silo thread and start my own! Pics of the build of a 700ton Sukup drying and stirring bin to feed our poultry feed mill. Stirrers will be used to blend wheat/barley/rye etc together which...
  3. Agriland RSS

    Sugar beet set to make a comeback in Scotland

    Written by Richard Halleron The reintroduction of sugar beet production to Scotland has taken a significant step forward after the pilot project laying its foundations received new funding. The first successful crop in half a century was harvested last year. As a result, the consortium...
  4. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    US crop condition scores trimmed, but rain is on the way

    Over recent weeks and months, dry weather in the US has been causing new-crop supply concerns. Though recently, forecasts for cooler and wetter weather next week have been leading to price losses in global markets. Improved weather will be important for US crop development. The latest USDA crop...
  5. D

    Biggest wheat ears

    Just wondering how long some wheat ears are? Have some love looking wheat at the moment the revelation has the longes ears and hopefully will fill.
  6. B


    ive asked this before but why ? if its true that there is such a massive massive ive said it twice ? in every industry from the hospitality industry, such as bar work in resturants and pubs, now thats not so bad a job ? lorry drivers, 40,000 were mentioned in one paper to NHS workers, to...
  7. D

    Crazy tillering in spring wheat.

    Trying it this year after a twenty year gap, and I'm amazed at the shear number of tillers plants are putting out, whether it's emerged poorly or well there are at least ten tillers on every plant and one on its own had at least thirty before I stopped counting. It was planted in early April...
  8. Farmer Ben

    OSR 2021

    Having researched as much information about the flea beetle as possible and been interested in the current crops in the ground, which generally look good. Do you think we’re starting to see more natural predators? I’ve recently read a paper from an Entomologist who suggested it would take 10...
  9. Greythundercloudys

    Petrol strimmers.

    What a good make, have bought ones of ebay before cheapish, but need a better one, mcculloch?
  10. W


    So that’s it then for U.K. farming. Words like building back better greener etc. Throw in ELMS, brexit and new trade agreements. Value of farmland halves. Banks call in debts. Half of land owned by banks who will sell it to the government. Discuss.
  11. jackrussell101

    Swiss ask their general public to vote on pesticide referendum

  12. R

    Spraying fungicide and side effects

    Hi all, We're moving onto a small acre of land with a house in the middle, surrounded by fields. Cabbage and wheat I think. Please excuse my uneducated stance and questions but I'm struggling to get info from the local famers. Lived in the area for 17 years but this new house is just outside...
  13. L


    Just sat pondering the dreaded blackgrass while I enjoy a Saturday morning brew. I have been trying to think of the way the weed grows throughout the season and if it has weakness? For the life of me I can't think what this weakness might be to even begin to exploit this as a means of control...
  14. F

    End of the Road for Small Livestock Farms?

    I buy store cattle off some small local farms and always try to help them out with bull hire or dehorning and TB testing. Yesterday when I went to see some yearlings on one of these farms that is only around 50 acres of old established permanent grass and a reasonable shed, the owners said that...
  15. I

    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    Is coming to amazon prime.
  16. W

    Hybrid Winter Barley

    If your growing it, how are you getting on with it? Costs to grow? Output? What it like grass weed wise?
  17. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    WASDE leaves us waiting on weather

    Yesterday saw the release of two key reports, both of which had the potential to cause increased volatility. In truth, neither report had much impact. The reports were the USDA world supply and demand estimates (WASDE) and the Brazilian crop production report from Conab. The key watch points...
  18. W

    Situation Vacant Combine operator for harvest

    Hi looking for a person who would be interested In Driving a lexion 770 tt for harvest starting end of July and finishing end of August, osr, peas, beans and wheat. 2000 acres total, small family farm just myself and my 14 year old son. Very flexible and on wet days or non harvesting days no...
  19. spin cycle

    farming's civil war is coming

    between RT,the govt and those farmers that support them and the rest it's inevitable as RT 'goes for broke' in a regulatory power grab frenzy......question is will the nfu change sides or will it remain in RT's back pocket? @Guy Smith
  20. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Breakeven yields; an alternative way to view profit margins

    Beating a forecast 2021/22 UK average wheat yield by 1.0t/ha could net an average farm business a gross margin per hectare 88.6% higher than if the average yield was achieved. This is based on the price of Nov-21 futures yesterday, and excludes the value of straw, storage costs and subsidy...