1. CRM AgriCommodities

    Daily market report: Disappointing export sales

    Daily market grain market highlight from the research team at CRM AgriCommodities, read in under 4 minutes... Today the USDA released their weekly export data, which contained impressive weekly sales of wheat, but as suspected, minimal corn and soybean exports. Wheat...
  2. Spudmaster

    Wolverine Wheat performance?

    We grew a small area last year; wasn't overly impressive although it did sit with very wet feet for quite some time - so difficult to make a real call on it's real performance. Following agronomist advice, we are putting in a much bigger area this year. Before finalising drilling plan - would...
  3. S

    Preventing frit fly larvae damage

    Some years I get it right, others not. I have got first wheat stubbles going into second wheat and oat stubbles greened up with volunteers. What do I do now to limit damage.
  4. S

    Organic Rotation Ideas for Finishing Suckler Calves

    Afternoon All, We're exploring changing our system from conventional to organic and wanted to get some advice on organic rotations. We're looking to dedicate all our arable land (light chalk) to produce organic feed for finishing our suckler Angus X calves. Current thoughts are for a 9-year...
  5. Jackov Altraids

    The Governments assault on livestock farming.

    The unqualified ban on live exports, the continual mal-apportioned blame for carbon emissions, an ELMS scheme that discriminates against pasture amongst other things, is this all due to lobbying by animal rights extremists or is there a real policy in Whitehall that they think there will be a...
  6. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Rapeseed prices strong, UK set for area expansion?

    One market which has arguably seen more support than others over the last six months is oilseeds. This tightness started with strong Chinese buying of soyabeans. This was exacerbated by small South American crops and has continued with problems for rapeseed crops globally. As of this morning...
  7. Still Farming


    Make sure to use hastag # Backbritishfarmingday today to promote UK Farming.
  8. DanielKindred

    What would you want to see in a new knowledge exchange platform?

    We are co-designing Farm-PEP at www.farmpep.net along with TFF and other partners to provide a space for trusted and connected ag knowledge ... We are looking for your input.... Please complete the survey at https://farmpep.creative.coop/form/user-survey Or give your views here. Thanks
  9. spikeislander

    Kv lo plough in furrow should it pull in pre turnover?

    Hi there , asking for a friend , he’s got an lo plough and moved from on top to in furrow as wet , but has to pull the vari width in every time they turn over as wheel hits? I’ve never used mine in furrow so in able to help? there is a turn valve on the block but makes no difference? I presumed...
  10. Farm Business RSS

    Impressive yields from new varieties despite stop-start harvest

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Despite catchy August weather that has left many farmers with the usual harvest headaches there have been some notable performances from several new varieties being grown for the first time, including two new winter barley varieties, that have exceeded...
  11. C

    Catch Crop

    How late can we sow a catch crop before Winter wheat is sown ? Late harvest prevented us from being able to establish earlier but want to do something to rectify damaged soil after last years wet drilling conditions.
  12. yellowfrog

    wile 55

    have a wile 55 moisture meter does anyone have the list of numbers that corospond to different crops as my list has worn off side of said meter? gratefull in advance steve
  13. A

    Apera spica venti (Loose silky-bent)

    Hello I am a farmer from Eastern Europe. I had big problems in the past years with Loose silky-bent in some wheat fields. What herbicide actives or mixtures do you use to control this weed and when do you apply them? I used Axial and it didn't work despite being labeled to control this weed.
  14. F

    SUMO DTS and straw

    Drilled the rape with the new to us DTS and very happy with the results other that occasionally blocking with straw, due to I guess, poor stubble hygiene. I’m concerned I’m going to have the same issues when doing second wheats. I’ve had a rake on the worst places and also had the carrier to...
  15. M

    Drilling barley

    Anyone done any yet ? What variety? Thinking we’ll start here this week
  16. Farmer Fin

    Is this normal for wheat?

    We grew a small area of Insitor this year and it appears to have done ok. My only question is there are a lot of small caramel coloured grains in the sample. What causes this? It was grown next to Barrell and it’s all normal.
  17. D

    What’s so wrong with low protein milling wheat?

    Would anybody notice the difference? Mine failed at 11.48%. But would you notice it under your beans on toast????
  18. spin cycle

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT....this is brilliant and should get loadsa likeys

    onething...being VERY nerdy....it's 'tirpitz' :bag:
  19. B

    Intermittent Tramlining

    I was thinking of trying some this year sowing wheat on a sloping field to prevent water running down the tramlines. The Horsch drill has a preset of 20m on 20m off, is that the standard setting used? Any experiences? I haven't seen it used in this area often tbh. Does it work or an untidy...
  20. F

    Cash is King or Not?

    I don't often go shopping but today I wanted a new pair of sun glasses now that summer has arrived. The last basic ones I bought from Boots so I thought I would go back and find another £30 pair. Got to the till and handed over £30.00 cash and was told they only accepted card payments! Now I...