1. P

    Red or white

    Have had builders in to help build retaining wall with rocks that have been ploughed up in the past. He has asked if I could supply some for his next job. Would be using tractor and trailer so would I have to be on white diesel?
  2. N

    Kuhn I Bio fire damaged long shot

    Just bought a fire damaged I bio at an insurance salvage auction and theres only half the PTO shaft with it, its a long shot but does anyone have it in there shed anywhere? It was bought new from Teme Valley tractors so it might have come from the north wales area. I would be willing to pay for...
  3. S

    Importing From Europe

    Can anyone who is currently Importing Used Tractor/Fork Lifts/ General Construction or Farm Machinery From Europe Confirm if any Import Duty is payable? Thanks
  4. Eden.Agri.AD

    Anybody Using Ag-Drive App??

    Anybody out there signed up to the ag-drive app and have first hand experience of it? Just wondering what are your thoughts or reviews? It seems to tick all the boxes with per-start checklists, job recording, time sheets, field mapping and the invoicing connection with Xero, it kinda all looks...
  5. F

    Jcb 4220 or fendt 722/724.

    Right! How are people getting on with the Jcb 4220 Lots of the problems sorted out? Both run the same gear box. Is the many out there doing mixed work on a day to day basic. Umbilical trailers loader work putting stuff on and off all day. Sumo plough drill ect. I have had a demo of Jcb a few...
  6. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Barley exports slowed in November

    The UK exported 52Kt of barley in November, down from 62Kt in October and the smallest monthly volume since July. In November, shipments into the EU held steady compared to October but there were only very limited volumes into non-EU destinations. Haulage difficulties were partly behind the...
  7. roscoe erf

    so who was it

    bit of a mountain out of a mole hill story really https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/19838542.tractors-cause-traffic-winchester-road-romsey/?fbclid=IwAR3QXL81YEy7eE14ADIeUUtzBepFIAGhYJvsMid78FRJgfk-xJIZSBYlDjQ
  8. J

    16ton grain trailer

    Forgetting price what are peoples thoughts comparing stewart drt and ktwo trailers. Cheers
  9. K

    We would love to hear your feedback on a new Severn Trent Fertiliser we're developing

    Hi all My name is Katie Meehan and I work as a Product and Service Designer for Severn Trent. As a company which is constantly striving to do the right thing in order to help respond to our ever changing climate, we have identified an opportunity using new technology to develop a new...
  10. A

    Anaerobic Digesters

    Are there any merits in a new build at the minute or do they need subsidy to be viable ?
  11. S

    Why is there a big shortage of welders?

    There is a shortage of welders in the country, even at jcb Is it because certificates are needed? Or the wages are crap?
  12. Jameshenry

    Watson machinery

    Anyone have dealings with watson machinery in County durham ? Interested in a implement they have for sale, not a big amount of money and not worth going to view it as it's brand new anyway, just be nice to know they are good to deal with
  13. BRB John

    Valtra vs Massey Vs Fendt

    Just been looking at Valtra's A series and G series and can't but help notice that there is significant similarities to Masseys 4700 series and the new 5S and it got me thinking about the structure of AGCO while I assume they will go the same way as CNH, SDF and Argo at some point it seems...
  14. Jerry

    State of your crops -2022

    Well seeing as it’s new year and last years thread on this topic ram to 80 pages, thought it time to start a new one for this year’s harvest. I don’t have a lot of winter corn in but what I have is looking ok. The warm December certainly did no harm. A selection as off today. Graham after...
  15. roscoe erf

    Agricultural crises (another one)

    thoughts https://www.farminguk.com/news/farming-on-verge-of-crisis-unless-more-young-people-enter_58917.html?fbclid=IwAR3Y2wum_VBSB4bLwyXPQv1R5wVn0VWb4YSr6fxxp2KP4v9kgsz49_0VerE
  16. S

    Auction v Deadweight

    Which system does everyone believe is the most trustworthy system?
  17. Agriland RSS

    Retail demand a boost but caution needed on trade deals – Smith

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Catherine Smith, the chair of Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) has issued an upbeat New Year message to the food and farming sector, but warned that the impact of labour shortages and new trade deals would need to be watched carefully. One...
  18. Agriland RSS

    Machinery: Georges Latil and the constant velocity joint

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Latil, an obscure French tractor maker that, apart from selling a few machines to the ESB in the distant past, would seem to have little connection or influence within Ireland. But if you have a front wheel or four-wheel-drive vehicle, then you must...
  19. U

    A loaf of bread

    A study by Sheffield University has come out against a loaf of bread,reason = to produce it releases half a kilogramme of CO2.When will this wokeish crap end ??
  20. Wobblebox

    2 combines vs. 1

    Didn’t want to hijack the other thread currently running but I’m thinking about the opposite and running 2 combines instead of 1. Currently cutting 700 acres with an 11 plate NH CX8070 with 25ft cut, and a range of cropping from winter OSR and winter barley, winter wheat and spring beans. I aim...