Great Yorkshire Show


North Yorkshire
Went two years ago, I hadn't been for 20 years before and I think I'll leave it another 20. @Drillman has it nailed. YAMS has everything I need.
Yep YAMS is way better.

Final nail for us with the GYS we took our (at the time) 2 year old in a pushchair as well.that was just painful dodging round the millions of other people who couldn’t step to one side for a second.

Edit the only thing worse is that gawd awful countryside live thing they put on in autumn. That really is dire.
Show team are there. Someone has to stay at home & keep the wheels turning. :scratchhead:
As mentioned above, too much tat
Similarities to the Royal. where the farm livestock showing was the last to die
The wearers of bowler hats don`t see they have a problem
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Giving it a miss this year, been for the last few. But at nearly 30quid to get in its too expensive.
Have contemplated taking cattle up but again expensive plus its a long week to be away. Quite a few of the regular exhibitors I know are never that complimentary about the facilities/stewards etc


Mixed Farmer
Been to today as I had never been before I can’t see say it was anything amazing but a good day out.

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