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I'd recommend Lloyds based on our experience. But maybe it depends on local personnel. Our business manager here circulates round the county but is excellent. Always answers the phone. Call centre is OK though only needed it once as do most stuff on line.
I will have a look at them.
the banks business manager doesn’t have to be my best mate but you want to feel like they are listening and doing their best for you.


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With handlesbanken here, no where near anything like a million borrowings, so unless they have changed policy in the last 2 years I don't know why that is everyone else's experience :scratchhead: Anyway cannot fault them, only ever deal with local branch. Happy to give an extra loan when we wanted to make a large purchase, set up very fast with no fuss and a good rate. Moved from HSBC after 3 years of nothing but petty annoying problems that never got sorted after 47 years with them.
I've been with RBS all my farming life and I'd have to say ,been very happy with them. There have been times when I've had a lot of money from a succession of interested and knowledgeable managers, bearing in mind that I was a first generation tenant and the only security that they had was an Agricultural Charge on what i''d spent their money on, mostly cows! I don't have any borrowed money now from them, or anyone else, but will still be a little sorry to have to leave them.
I’ve heard it’s possible negotiate a sizeable ‘golden handshake’ to move from RBS...
Not sure just how sizeable, but the letter I've had does mention cash incentives and more???
At least they seem to have binned that William's and Glynn's carp. They made that sound more like a pair of pansies than the redoubtable establishment that the old bank used to be, pre the RBS take-over!


Get on well with Clydesdale, local business manager to go and see when you want. Only thing that concerns me is their taking over of Virgin banking and the seemingly different direction they are heading.


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I’m fed up with the main high street banks so looking for an alternative that has firstly , a face to talk to, not just an automated digital whatever. Secondly, a bank that at least pretends to care.
Anyone with handlesbanken? They look like they might fit my bill but wouldn’t mind some first hand experience. Tia
I use Handelsbanken for my personal banking and rate them VERY highly, the service is exceptional

I get on well with Lloyd’s for business but would hapity move business accounts there if I ever had reason to
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Three crop rule derogation for 2020

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Written by Jamie Day

Defra secretary George Eustice’s decision to relax the three-crop rule arable diversification requirement in England for 2020 has been welcomed by farm leaders, despite the minister’s earlier reluctance to take this action. Scotland and the Republic of Ireland had already granted the concession in view of the wet autumn that prevented many farmers from fulfilling […]...