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@Two Tone what size of wheels have you got on the back of your NH? I could do with a better set for the back of my TX66. Thanks
Firestone 48 x 25.00 - 20. They originally came from Sam Moreton & Son Farmers Tyre Ltd near Warwick. They specialise in Ag tyres and I had to go back to them to get a spacer and 6 hole centre to fit them to my (TF 78 originally, then CX 6080) Combine.

On the TF , I had to restrict the steering angles so that the didn’t collide with the Rotor re-thresher guards. But you might get away without needing to on your TX66.
They will raise the back of the Combine a bit, compared to your standard wheels. So you need to compensate by adding more wind from the fan.

On my CX, they are the same diameter as the originals, so I don’t need to.
One one the best things I have ever done was to put them on the Combine.
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Well apart from the last 3 acs of OSR on 2nd August , I ve not cut a thing in August yet ! Hoping to go tomorrow with contract cut spring oats 4 miles from home . Have to be honest that for first 7 days, had no real crops ready and last 10 days it's been a case of having crops ready but in 5 different directions and all 2-5 miles away, constant showers for part of the day so no doubt wherever you went would be wrong/ too wet so being laid back I decided to say, no , sod it , let's wait for a dry day / period. At least crops are now fit and will cut better and as I spent a few quid on fungicides and growth reg , apart from looking a bit dark are all stood and should be fine.
My local "weather man" says we have had 72mm of rain so far in August, 20mm more than I guessed !


Raining again here (n)

Now rearranging the malting barley so anything cut from now on can go on a drive on floor in case the next cut stuff is already germinating. No point in dumping feed barley on top of 800t of malting barley in a silo and condemning the whole lot to the feed heap. Still all 303 ac of Laureate to cut too. I doubt it's distilling spec anymore either. Will all this rain please feck off somewhere else?!?!?!

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