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    After 8 years finally getting somewhere with the doctors. First off all got diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and acid reflux back in 2011 but the last 12mths have been hell. So back to the doctors after a few test they are pretty sure it’s IBS still have to have a camera to rule out colon cancer.
    Now it’s a change of diet to rule foods out and try a stress free life. Anybody living a normal farming life with it because some days I just can’t get away from the house which is just getting me down.
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    s.e cambs
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    Scottish Borders
    Taking a friend in for more IBS tests next week. The consultant told her the 3 main triggers are coffee, chocolate and alcohol, which are the 3 main food groups in her diet. She's seen a massive improvement since she drastically cut back on all 3.
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    Black Isle
    Suffered quite bad from late teens to late 20s. I tried cutting out various things but never made much difference. Saying that I never drank tea or fizzy drinks for all that time as had it in my head they made it worse, I moved house when I got married and changed from farm work and contracting to mainly just farm work, do have an odd breakdown now and again still at 35 but no where near as bad as I was. Don’t know if it really can take credit but we have a fridge with filtered water dispenser which the water tastes much better from than the tap in old house. Both off the mains.

    I take Imodium as a preventative and buscopan when I get a bad go of it.
    You have my sympathy it’s no fun! Surprising how many people have it when you actually speak about it.

    As an aside an a bit of a coincidence to the op I was diagnosed a hiatus hernia a couple years ago and suffer from reflux too.
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    Mid Norfolk
    My wife and Mother-in-Law suffer with IBS. Not sure on the MIL, but the missus's main trigger is caffeine. Which is a problem as she pretty much runs on builder's tea and Pepsi Max.

    It was a lot worse for her during and following pregnancy, but now if she cuts out her triggers for a couple of weeks she will be fine for ages. I think stress and fatigue is also a factor.
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    I would not be surprised if chlorinated tap water had a hand to play in it. Gut bacteria seems to have a massive role in our general health, basically the more diverse the population the better, and what is chlorine added to do? Kill bacteria.

    Might be better than dysentery, but far from optimum I’d say.
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    Black Isle
    When we first moved to the house I lived from 16-27 years old which coincides with the worst years of my IBS we complained that the water had a strong taste of chlorine, the water board tested it and said it was within limits. After moving house I improved a lot. Water still tastes funny when I go back home.
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    I have mains at home, which is decent as afar as mains goes, but spend a fair bit of time through the year staying with relatives that have a private supply (filtered and UV treated), the difference in ‘gut comfort’ is immediately noticeable.
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    Newport, SE Wales
    Fodmap, low fibre, Low grain and paleo are all types of good diets. What about raw milk, home made yogurt? Improving gut bacteria with slow foods. quality ingredients. Even look into IF (intermittant fasting). Since weve gone organic, IF and cutting soo much crap out of our diets vast improvements. Still have cake, chocolate etc but all quality there is def a difference to how you feel. Slow home made bread etc. Herbal teas.

    Having read about the damage done to guts and bowels by poor diets, over use of painkillers, extreme stress and general rubbish lifestyle its no surprise there is so much IBS. Def read up on gut bacteria.
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    South West
    I gave up Caffeine about 15 months ago due to stomach issues (probably IBS but never bothered getting diagnosis) also have virtually totally stopped drinking alcohol for the same reasons and 95% of bloating , stomach cramps and urgent runnings are eliminated.
    Fully agree about painkillers etc @Chasingmytail as things got well worst last year after strong painkillers had been prescribed for a long time .
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    tipperary, ireland
    Try magnesium supplements, it should help with cramps. One big trigger that people rarely mention is cigarettes.
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    Thanks for some of your reply’s interesting reading also there’s some good reading about it on the net. Got to go for a endoscopy which I have had a few times with the the hernia plus got to have a colonoscopy as well on Tuesday just to rule out any other issues.
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    Certain kinds of magnesium can be a laxative so research which kind is most suitable. A hard and fast rule is if its cheap then it'll be the kind that will give you the runs.

    Magnesium in Epsom salts is a really good way to get the good kind it into your body. You need about 0.5-1kg and soak for 30 mins but it's good for a big range of body cramps and relaxation.

    A trigger for me is caffeine. I was never a coffee drinker, only tea. Tesco do a decent decaff tea bag.

    Good tip on immodium as a preventative and buscopan for attacks. Make sure you have some on you.

    I find any change in my routine causes me issues. Hence why I prefer not to travel for work or pleasure.

    Taking steps to reduce my anxiety also improved my insides. I purposely stay away from unnecessary stresses and have done a lot of CBT to help park anxious thoughts. It's a slow process.

    Our gut is such a sensitive little bugger.

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