Introducing YEN Zero - a new farm network to tackle the carbon costs of cropping

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The agriculture industry has committed to reaching Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2040. This will require substantial reductions in the greenhouse gas intensities of crop products, as well as increased storage of carbon in the farm system.

Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) entries since 2013 have shown a wide variation in crop GHG costs on-farm, highlighting the importance of emissions related to N fertiliser. Interestingly, it also showed that high yielding crops often have the lowest GHG intensities.

The purpose of YEN Zero will be to understand the issues to reaching Net Zero, agree on common metrics, and share ideas. By also benchmarking crop GHG intensities to enable fair and easy comparison of emissions, we can find ‘what works’. From there, we will be able to see what emission mitigation methods work best and explore these methods further to see if the benefits can be replicated for others.

If you're interested in taking part, head to and register your name and email address so we can keep you informed as the network takes shape.

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The 61st Doe Show - Starts 25th January 2021

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The Doe Show has been a firm fixture in the agricultural, construction and groundcare industries calendars since 1960. Held during the first week of February every year, the Doe Show attracts huge crowds to our head office at Ulting, Essex and is by far the largest agricultural, construction and groundcare machinery dealer in the UK, possibly Europe.

Given the current pandemic and restrictions we find ourselves under, it would be irresponsible to hold our 2021 Doe Show in the physical sense. However, we are delighted to be able to bring the 61st Doe Show to our customers, albeit in a different way than we have over the past 60 years. Finding new ways of engaging with our customers excites us and we are...