1. AIMS

    Blue Peter encouraging viewers to eat less meat

    The three GB red meat levy bodies have issued a joint open letter in response to the Blue Peter Green Badge campaign by Children’s BBC. The iconic BBC children’s TV show Blue Peter has asked viewers to become part of a ‘green army’ to tackle carbon emissions and climate change. Recommendations...
  2. Farm Business RSS

    AHDB, QMS and HCC publish open letter to the BBC

    Written by Lydia Turner A recent episode of the BBC’s Blue Peter has stirred up controversy in the British Meat industry. The episode, promoting the Blue Peter Green Badge, suggested that viewers replace one or two meals a week with a vegetarian alternative. The episode involved...
  3. Agriland RSS

    Blue Peter angers agri-food groups over green badge challenge

    Written by Rachel Martin Long-running children’s TV programme Blue Peter has angered agri-food bodies by encouraging children to go meat-free as part of its new ‘Green Badge’ challenge. The iconic BBC show asked viewers to become part of a ‘green army’ to tackle carbon emissions and climate...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Learning to maximise soil health at Cereals

    Written by William Kellett Soil is one of our most valuable assets, and soil health can be a key element in the fight against climate change – so how can farmers maximise its potential? UK country manager at UPL, Vaughn Stansfield, believes that when growing crops, soil health is at the start...
  5. M

    Lump Sum Exit Scheme

    With the consultation due out on the exit scheme next week, is anyone interested in taking this payment and what would it need to be to incentivise you?
  6. Agriland RSS

    Calls for NI’s RHI scheme to remain open as Stormont examines options to wind scheme down

    Written by Rachel Martin The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) is urging farmers who are participants of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, to respond to a consultation on the scheme before it closes tomorrow (Friday, April 9). The scheme was supposed to run for 20 years; however, in January...
  7. Av Gorritt

    Morrisons and carbon neutral

    Did I read somewhere that Morrisons were going to make all their meat suppliers become carbon neutral in the very near future ? Or did I have another senior moment . I don't see how that could be made to work , considering that not all of their meat is UK sourced . Their retail outlets might...
  8. B

    Sinking ship?

    RNZ: Hollywood director James Cameron's enviro-farm turns to dairy cow grazing.
  9. Farm Business RSS

    Trehane Trust awards major Fellowship to The Diary Group to research a dairy industry blueprint on achieving Net Zero

    Written by John Swire The Trehane Trust has awarded a £15,000 bursary to national dairy advisory company, The Dairy Group, to research and recommend a roadmap for UK dairy farmers to become net zero within the Government’s timeframe. Led by The Dairy Group’s consultant Richard Lane, the team...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Hutchinsons partner with SpaceSense to provide satellite imagery for growers

    Written by William Kellett Hutchinsons, a leading provider of agronomic services in the UK, has announced a partnership with SpaceSense, a startup specialised in satellite imagery analytics. The partnership centers around providing satellite-derived field insights for their growers in...
  11. S

    mf 6470 alternator part no, and air con belt change tool.

    My alternator light came on yesterday I will check the charge today but if it needs replacing does anyone know the part no i rang the dealer to find a price just in case 1100 euros and an aside how do you change tha aircon belt is that a dealer tool or is it easy done without.6470 t3 with sisu...
  12. Bob lincs

    Dash cams in tractors

    Not sure if this has been talked about before but is anyone using dash cams in their tractors and machines?
  13. Bald Rick

    Boat Race, Great Ouse, Cambridgeshire

    Just been watching the women’s race .. Very flat, pretty boring and wet looking albeit likely fertile And respect to the man watching off the roof of his combine.
  14. holwellcourtfarm

    Defining "Regenerative" farms, new scientific paper from Jonathan Lundgren

    As per the title, This paper is based around Corn, Almonds and range grazing in the U.S. but makes interesting reading.
  15. nick...

    Seeding wet spots not drilled

    Got about 3 acres that were left as I’d have got stuck had I tried to drill them.on 3 separate fields I should add.will cultivate to level the mess when dry enough and intend to drill something into the bare soil.rape will follow a couple of bits.what do the TFF massive reccomend.needs to be...
  16. Agriland RSS

    UFU not consulted on new energy plans for Northern Ireland

    Written by Agriland Team Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) deputy president David Brown has expressed concern that his organisation had not been consulted on the development of new energy plans for Northern Ireland. Earlier this week Stormont Economy Minister Diane Dodds launched a public...
  17. S

    Ad plant.

    Looking into ad plants. And wondering what size I would need to feed 30 ton a day to it. Feeding Maize silage Grass silage and beet. Rough price on it. And how much digestate it would produce a day. how much It would make roughly.
  18. DairyGrazing

    Soil organic carbon/Soil organic matter.

    With everything thats going on in the wider industry I've decided to get the ball rolling on increasing our soil organic matter/carbon. Plan is to under sow the maize, cover crop the wheat stubbles over winter and move a lot of the FYM from youngstock to an arable farm 6 miles away. I really...
  19. Agriland RSS

    Northern Ireland energy sector to be fully decarbonised by 2050

    Written by Agriland Team Stormont’s Department for the Economy has begun the process of developing a new energy strategy, which will see the Northern Ireland energy sector fully decarbonised by 2050. The new direction for energy in Northern Ireland will consider the existing energy mix and how...
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    Could you be one of NI’s first Environmental Technology Farms?

    Written by Rachel Martin Northern Ireland’s Department of Agriculture (DAERA) is seeking the best examples of environmentally-friendly farms to join its new Technology Demonstration Farm network. It hopes to appoint six new farmers to demonstrate environmental technologies as part of the...