Is Shropshire a new breed of cattle ?


Just wandering whether they graze this new breed in Ireland,picture of a steak in local independent supermarket in Shropshire


West Kent

Our Sirloins are sourced as Local as Shrewsbury approx 15 minutes from The Meat Man HQ. We aim to provide only the best and that's why we only use the UK's Leading Beef Processors who source us our Prime Shropshire Beef.

Perhaps someone would like to ask them via facebook and twitter how come Ireland is now 15 minutes away from Shrewbury.

Would trading standards be interested?

blatant misadvertising.. The public are being fooled here into thinking that they are buying something from just down the road, when in fact its travelled a good 200 miles, maybe more!

The OH is going to call in and enquire tommorow :bored:
I sent them a link to this thread through the contact form on their website.

I put this as a comment on their Facebook page as well.



I must admit I didn't at first twig what place or County or Country IE referred to.

Is there any Country in the whole World with as many names as Southern Ireland?
If the animal was killed at ABP Shrewsbury, I guess they aren't breaking the law. If you want to call them out on it (which I reckon is fully justified), Twitter is the best way I think.

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