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  1. Yonnups

    Yonnups Member

    Farm cat became a road casualty this week . Looking for 2 kittens to suit farm, Worcestershire/Midlands area.
  2. watfordfrosty

    watfordfrosty Member

    got as many as you want 07754610380
  3. Have you a steel grey tom
  4. dannewhouse

    dannewhouse Member

    get in touch with local vet or cat protection I have 4 newted that came perfect for farm situation! they also newted the 1 existing FOC for us rehoming the 4 strays. kept them in a shed for about a week fed them then opened door, they do eat a bit of cat biscuits but there always about in straw shed, only bad bit is they insist on walking on 1 line of wrapped bales!!!

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