Long shot I know but.......


Hi all
As the title suggests this is a long shot but ....... I’m looking for a sliver of land to buy or very very long term lease on which to site a shipping container conversion home, and subsequently create a small holding. Obviously I understand that not many people like the idea of others using/living on ther land, but with all these covid restrictions not going anywhere anytime soon. I was thinking someone may need an extra income to help out. I’m not going to bang on with my back story like something off a crap reality tv show, but basically I split with my wife, had to move back in with parents, stress went through the roof and I ended up converting a 20 foot container at work and that’s where I’m at. Not where I want to be geographically or physically at 45.
So if yourself or if you know of someone please let me know. I’m based in Blackburn, Lancashire. But would consider most things upto maybe 40 mins travel from there. Drop me an email if you think you can help me out. Cheers folks
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Sorry to say, but basically you’ve got no chance of getting planning consent for that or similar, because if a piece of land can get pp it will be used to build a conventional house which will be worth far more.

Any possible site, barn, broken down cottage etc in the green belt or rural will be £££££££££

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.....but easier to get permission for a temporary home like the above. Let the OP do all the work at his expense and give him the site for 5 yrs while he gets his life sorted . Then getting permission for a permanent dwelling would be easier. .......

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Carbon Week

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