Massey cerea 7256


Should think he needs to sell, as bought at a genuine Farm auction 18 months ago, if it’s the same one, the seller was gutted at selling price,
If the seller was gutted with the price, and it's not sold in 18 months then that suggests a large mark up or have I read it wrong?


Massey combines rarely make good money, think the vendor was over optimistic, perhaps comparing it to a Class or NH, but then Burdens bought it right, and wants a return on his investment, just like any dealer, I was tempted myself,
massey pickup

Claas joins the autonomous tractor club

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Written by Justin Roberts

Claas has taken a minority shareholding in the Dutch autonomous tractor startup company, AgXeed B.V.

The new company has developed a tractor designed to be autonomous from the ground up, rather than try to adapt existing machines, or create smaller robots dedicated to a limited range of tasks.

AgXeed’s pilot machine is a diesel hybrid powered unit on tracks which uses a suite of software which, the company claims, is easily scalable.

Like many small technology start-ups seeking to gain a foothold in the machinery market, the company also points to the product as being part of a larger system rather than just another way of performing standard tasks