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Dad used to milk pures (mri) and crosses a few with Holsteins milked Fairley well and bull calves were cracking, very placid as well these were imported from Holland


The old man was into this sort of stuff: MRI, montbelliarde and rotebund (rotebunte?). My opinion was that if you’re going to milk a cow then get a milking cow. Those breeds didn’t do anything particularly well.
Depends a bit on the type of farming system your trying to run .
I helped put some MRI's through the ring at a dispersal a few years ago. Absolutely obstinate b***ers and a good job the dry ones had tail tapes on, so we could tell the dry ones from those that had to be milked after leaving the ring!
We had about half a dozen back in the 70's just after I left school, think the AI bull was called Gerrit. Was just an experiment really on our Fresian cows before we moved over to pedigree Holsteins. I seem to recall some came red and white ,some black.
They were nothing special and with regard to beefing quality I remember them being not much different to the fat dumpy Dutch bred fresians that we had at the time.
I think a few people persevered with them for a few years.
My best ever cow was an mrix Holstein
Weighed around 550kg and produced 700kgs of solids per season. Lasted 7-8 lactations no health issues. Her only “issue” was stopping on the tracks and not letting any others get by her. I used to keep her in and let her out last!
That's interesting lazy, maybe they were ahead of their time, I know generally they produced good solids and I imagine could have had a place today in a crossbreeding program .Lack of marketing or breed development maybe! ?

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