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How did it reverse, the discs twisted to other hand ?? Didn't know that
The beam was hinged at the back. When lifted, you pulled a rope and the weight on the top link would swing the beam across. The legs were on vertical pivots, with a crank that angled them in the corrrect direction. The tailwheel swung across with the beam. Here is a view of the plough from above.
2796 MF185 & reversible disc plough.JPG


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Did any 135 s have round mud wings ?
And front axle like a 35?
yep i have one , c reg multi power , round wings are held on bolted to roll bar lol , red wheel centres ,engine totally professionally refurb about 400hrs ago , does all our hay bobbing and firewood in winter

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The Doe Show has been a firm fixture in the agricultural, construction and groundcare industries calendars since 1960. Held during the first week of February every year, the Doe Show attracts huge crowds to our head office at Ulting, Essex and is by far the largest agricultural, construction and groundcare machinery dealer in the UK, possibly Europe.

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