MF 7475 Transmission Oil Drain



Wanting to drain the transmission oil on my MF 7475. After I bought the machine (here in OZ) I ordered an operators manual from my local MF dealer. For some reason they sent me one with photocopied pages with photos I can hardly see and it's the US version with set gears and a park lock cylinder next to the 150 micron suction strainer.

The book has three plugs on the underside with two arrows and I can't make out where the arrows are pointed. My machine has five plugs and one on the side of the filters?? Which plug/plugs do I need to remove? And what size allen key?



only if your draining the gear oil out of the trumpet axles
Yes there is a plug each side to drain the oil out from the brake housing 22 mm socket nearer the centre of the tractor than the 24 mm ones for draining the gear oil from the trumpets

Could a ‘Meat Tax’ be on the cards in the UK?

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Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland

The latest machination coming from the so-called ‘opinion formers’, who seem to have the ear of government advisors in London, is the introduction of a ‘Meat Tax’ at consumer level.

This approach, it is argued, would have the combined impact of reducing meat consumption levels (I can really see the health benefits coming through now), while also helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint of production agriculture.

What absolute drivel! In my opinion, none of this makes sense at any level. This is a scurrilous and unfounded attack on livestock farming in this part of the world.

Yet, it has to be taken seriously. I make this point because economists at Rothamsted Research have already crunched the numbers where the introduction of a ‘UK...