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Discussion in 'Rural Diversification' started by jonny72, May 19, 2016.

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    I've sent it again. It was a resistor on the circuit board which stopped you controlling the bed speed. Sent it to DK who put it right. The machine is now for sale, in good condition and working perfectly.
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    I've a Vodafone mast here on £4250/r, lease negotiated 2 yrs ago.

    We bought it over when we took over the farm and it was on £2500 then, so when the lease renewal came up we got it up to a what I felt was a good level. Used an agent and he reckoned that was as good as it was going to get.
    I have a neighbour who has a O2 mast (which site share with Voda) less than a mile away, so I wasn't wanting to lose it altogether, they did originally offer very low and threatened to decommision. Ours has a fibre optic to the telecoms infrastructure along the roadside which maybe helps them wanting to keep it.
    Same neighbour tells me has managed to get just over £5k/yr for his :(:(
    Also have a new land agent who assures me that "he could have got more out of them"for mine but thats easy to say after the event.
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    Hey @Chop How did you get on with your 3560 problem?
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    Problem seemed to be in circuit board alright so I jus bypassed it completely and working the 3 functions I need direct from spool valves and works 100% everyday since
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    Orkney Islands
    Does any one have to pay rates to local council for Phone masts sites or is that taken care of by renting body.
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    The renting body ie the phone operator will pay them. Sometimes rate demands are sent to the Landllord in error - best to send onto phone operator to sort as not your problem.
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