Moisture & specific weight


Is there a chart that shows the relationship between moisture content and specific weight please?

I've tried googling but to no avail - an AHDB grain moisture calculator comes up but that's a slightly different thing. What I'm looking for is something that says if I test say barley at say 20% and it weighs say 60 kg/hl, after drying to 15% it will be xx kg/hl.

I usually only bother testing the bushelweight of dry grain, but have some in the pre-dryer store that I want to be sure of. Does mc make much of a difference?

An Gof

Yes there is. At our central store they have a chart that makes an allowance according to grain moisture at intake for the specific weight when dried. All incoming samples have sp wt corrected according to moisture before any penalties are applied for grain below the standard. Sorry but I do not have a copy to hand.


Drying will increase bushel wieght but as mentioned method will make a difference, running corn through a opico type will raise bushels to 4 points without any drying.

An on floor wont have the cleaning or polishing effect.
Drying grain increases bushel weight
but also
an opico or similar or even just an auger to move it
will add between 3 and 4 kg to the specific weight Even with no moisture reduction
63 to 67 in barley

79 to 83 or 68 to 72 in wheat
it does no seem to Increase it what ever the starting weight
in 2012 we put most of our wheat through and got very few deductions

putting grain threw a cleaner will also increase bushel weight if you remove the small grains Which costs more than the gain
they are to gentle not aggressive like an auger

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