Natural flood prevention


Has anyone had any experience of having stuff done on their land by these kind of guys?

Did it go OK?

They seem to be, in effect, the Environment Agency's carpentry department. They stick in a few leaky dams and do fencing or similar by way of an incentive.

They've come round to me. My principle thought is "if I delay this by a few years, ELMs will make me rich beyond the dreams of avarice for doing this stuff..."

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Second demonstration planned as controversial Agricultural Bill is finalised

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Written by William Kellett

A campaign group for farmers is planning a second protest in Parliament Square in Westminster in response to the return of the controversial Agricultural Bill in the House of Commons.

The group Save British Farming (SBF) is planning to hold a second demonstration against the bill which they believe will lead to the introduction of lower food standards.

A “socially distanced” tractor demonstration is planned to take place next Monday (September 28).

The protest centers around the proposed introduction of free trade with countries like the US and they believe this will lead to ‘the opening of floodgates to lower-regulated food’.

A demonstration by SBF had...