1. Clive

    The Relationship between SFI and CSS ?

    I'm struggling too get my head around how these 2 schemes will work together I'm in SFI pilot but a requirement of pilot was no existing CSS agreements so we held off purposely on CSS last year I want to do CSS ........ there are options there that are more finically attractive than SFI and I...
  2. Barleycorn

    Excellent article about rewilding

  3. sjt01

    EA, river pollution and the BBC

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0013hkp go to 4 mins 30 secs in. Farming is not the problem!
  4. Chasingmytail

    Organic just not paying

    Im struggling to find any organic groups on FB/net. Wondering if there is anything where you can have a chat/moan? With the hike in organic feeds for the inlamb ewes, lick bucket costs etc. Not getting the return on the stock. Lambs go as conventional (only a small flock left) and 35 suckler...
  5. topground

    SFI and Farm Assurance ‘Earned recognition’

    This extract lifted from an email received yesterday. I understood from Janet Hughes posts that there was no plan to link SFI with farm assurance. If I am correct then either Janet Hughes speak with forked tongue or there are parts of her team publishing stuff with contrary information. What do...
  6. Extreme Optimist

    German Meat Policy

    Some interesting thoughts on meat production in Germany. https://www.dw.com/en/germany-sees-battle-over-cheap-meat-flare-up/a-60281299?fbclid=IwAR1nSd-WcGgmueBZ6ooyLj1WiSZxHqMFi-OikU9Q8BknGEbYh3bRCRnD2l8
  7. MX7

    Who are the academics ,organisations that DEFRA listen to/guided by?

    I ask the above as most of the above,that DEFRA take direction from,seem to me to be anti farmer, anti self production of food for our people. I admire @Janet Hughes Defra for coming on TFF, but I do wonder where her colleagues and associated government departments/quangos come up with the...
  8. A

    CFA's Post BPS

    Anyone prepared a new contract farming agreement with post BPS in mind? What changes do you anticipate they'll be in them. Been a fairly standard document for years with so much for farmer, so much for contractor and a % split of profits. Usually the BPS has been in there in the past perhaps...
  9. Muddyroads

    Cow - The film

    Picked up on a review of this “documentary” film yesterday on 5 live and think it might be good for TFFers to be aware of it. It’s been nominated for Cannes apparently so could get quite a bit of press. Filmed on a large dairy farm somewhere in the south of England it follows a cow for around 4...
  10. Bruce Almighty

    Save Our Farms

    Apologies for stating the obvious. We are in a crazy situation where in my opinion, a campaign needs promoting to save/support farming in England. Re-Wilding is throwing money at those that need it least. Look at what's happened to @CopperBeech, a very good farmer who has been stitched up...
  11. Chris F

    There is no such thing as the wild in the UK?

    So much talk about re-wilding in the news. I've never liked the concept as its seems to be a dream in someone's head about what nature does when left to itself. But the wild - as in lets say 1,000 or 10,000 years ago, just does not exist any more in my opinion. There are 70 million people in...
  12. W

    Petition to reform the new landscape schemes

    https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/605451?fbclid=IwAR0zDM3eKF1BATEhfxgajx7lMtGGZINsFSORz-B-TawNqTQ9MAGVEN2PVnM We all know these need proposals are rubbish and all the money will go to large landowners and estates, so let’s get it reformed so it gets onto normal sized farms.
  13. AnnaMooMoo

    DEFRA efficiency

    Hi all, I am only 2 years into my farming "career" and already I am writing to my MP about DEFRA's incompetence. I am also asking what action will be taken regarding the PAC's report on ELMS.... Can anyone tell me what percentage of DEFRA's "CAP" equivalent budget actually goes to farmers/...
  14. CopperBeech

    Great article in The Times

  15. capfits

    What to bring to the Garden party booze up....

    Dear old prime minister had a party at the house when no one else was allowed to, and had guests bring their own juice. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jan/10/email-shows-boris-johnsons-official-invited-no-10-staff-to-lockdown-byob-party Have to be this...
  16. Agriland RSS

    ‘Farmers in England are extremely concerned about the development of ELMs’ – NFU

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland A new report from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) into Defra’s new Environmental Land Management schemes (ELMs) echoes farmers’ concerns and should serve as a ‘wake-up call’ to the government about the scheme’s readiness. NFU vice-president Tom...
  17. Farm Business RSS

    English farmers need greater certainty from Government to boost food productivity and environmental benefits, says sustainability expert

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business English farmers need greater certainty from Government to make the most of their land to boost both food productivity and environmental benefits, a sustainability expert has said. Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Harper Adams University and Professor in...
  18. thesilentone

    Will we never get it right - PR Disaster !!!!

    So, the BBC has reported about the changes to milk labeling, from a farm, with cows standing in sxxt, and water as a backdrop. As most people know, water attracts bacteria, bacteria causes disease.............. The narrative has been conveniently shifted from Supermarkets to farms, even though...
  19. jackrussell101

    How many units of nitrogen for a first wheat thats been after a long term grass ley?

    As above really, just wondering if I can get away without putting as much N on and not detrimentally affecting the yield, it's been grass for 10 years before with regular lashings of slurry etc
  20. J 1177

    David Handleys piece today

    Good morning FFA Well at least – and at last – we have some clarity on future farming policy in the UK, or at least the current George Eustice version of it. We are to devote ourselves mainly to returning everything to nature while producing one or two niche products in the few bits of land...