1. topground

    SFI Pilot Agreement contract.

    Set out below is the text of the agreement DEFRA expect me to sign to be part of the Sustainable Farming Incentive Pilot (SFI Pilot) Agreement with my details omitted. The poll is for fun (perhaps) DEFRA expect me to sign this without knowing what the payment rates will be over a three year...
  2. holwellcourtfarm

    DEFRA consultation on Local Nature Recovery plans

    I see that DEFRA have a consultation open on how these plans should be created and targetted. https://consult.defra.gov.uk/land-use/local-nature-recovery-strategies/ Given that LNR will occupy a significant chunk of the agricultural support budet left after SFI and that it will be a key...
  3. Bald Rick

    COP26 ... Your predictions

    The time is nearly here when the "great and good" will gather in Glasgow to thrash out ways to combat Global Warming. Our Dear Leader is in charge and we know he likes to project Britain as "World Beating". Therefore I am expecting a grandstanding announcement from him. What do you think it...
  4. Farm Business RSS

    National Fruit Show back on track

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The committee of the Marden Fruit Show Society (MFSS) are delighted to be bringing the 88th National Fruit Show back as a live event at the Kent Event Centre in Detling on 20th & 21st October 2021. Ever evolving, the show has a number of new features...
  5. Aspiring Peasants

    The positive thread

    Having flicked through the forum this morning I came away feeling quite negative. There is a lot of worry and uncertainty about and a lot of biased reporting by the supposedly neutral BBC. I have no quarrel with posters highlighting this information because it can't be ignored. However there...
  6. H

    Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) pilot

    Eleanor Parker is an MSc student at Harper Adams University, currently undertaking a Masters research project jointly with AHDB (https://www.harper-adams.ac.uk/research/project/1294/ahdb-sustainable-farming-incentive-project). The project looks at how farmers are adapting or planning for changes...
  7. F

    Rainproof sheep lick?

    What do people use to avoid the flooded lick buckets?
  8. D

    ELMS: Learning the lessons from history.

    https://consult.defra.gov.uk/elm/elmpolicyconsultation/supporting_documents/ELM Policy Discussion Document 230620.pdf PP 8 - 10: Lessons learned from previous schemes Over the last two years we have been developing high level scheme design proposals, building on lessons learnt from previous...
  9. MX7

    What does this job entail/

    I have just seen the attached in this weeks Farmers Weekly.:scratchhead:
  10. D

    ELMS: Parliamentary call for evidence

    https://committees.parliament.uk/work/1472/environmental-land-management-scheme/ https://committees.parliament.uk/call-for-evidence/576/ Deadline for submissions 13 October.
  11. Danllan

    Rational choice of ram = growing pic's?

    I sell some breeders as yearlings and two-year-olds, but almost everything goes to people who speculate on potential breeders, or as stores, with stores being by far the majority. So, for me both as a breeder and seller, what a ram looks like at one or two is not really of much relevance; what...
  12. D

    So is this the post Brexit Utopia we were promised?

    There was a new golden dawn promised by arch Brexiteers if we left the EU. The reality so far, while we await the belated sunrise, which I’m sure will happen: is partially unharvested fruit and vegetable crops, galloping inflation, a chronic shortage of delivery drivers, chaotic scenes at fuel...
  13. D

    The three strands to ELMS

    Under current proposals, the total ELMS budget will be split three ways: 1)The Sustainable Farming Initiative. 33%. Support for individual farmers to deliver ‘public goods’. 2)Local Nature Recovery. 33%. Collaborative projects between groups of farmers. 3)Landscape Recovery. 33%. To all...
  14. bobk

    US lifts ban on British lamb

  15. S

    Yet Another ELMS Thread

    Hi, Sorry if this seems a stupid question, but when a farmer is renting land, will there will a general rules which states whether the farmer or the landowner receive the ELMS payment? And if it is the landowner, will that mean the farmer will pay less rent than if there was no ELMS payment?
  16. Bramble


    Is this about to become a bit more of a problem. Everything I seem to want to buy is a lot more than it was 12 months ago. The government figures of 2.5% just don’t feel believable, or are they measuring stuff I don’t buy Any tips for farming when inflation is high??
  17. MX7

    Why doesn’t the NFU press office take part onTFF?

    As above ???? Shows a sign of weakness to me as the NFU is representing farmers.
  18. MX7

    Which farming organisations do “DEFRA” liaise with?

    I see Janet Hughes has being interacting with TFF which is great. That said, I am interested to know which farming organisations DEFRA work with,to find out if the schemes DEFRA advisers come up with are actually practical, realistic, and “Financially Viable”. As I fear some of the staff that...
  19. Steevo

    Will you be looking to take part in the future SFI/ELMS scheme? - 21/09/21

    Quick poll following on from Janet Hughes Q&A yesterday. Based on your current understandings of the scheme today, will you be looking to take part in the future SFI/ELMS scheme? Poll will close in 10 days
  20. Vader

    Time for the next step against RT/NFU?

    I have mentioned it before, but is it now time to start to up the pressure? Get the troops together under 1 banner so to speak. Under 3k will put a full page ad in farmers guardian. Presume similar in FW. Place an ad for farmers to join the new TFF Union. Use go fund me to raise the cash for...