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Well, it varies a lot. 11.5 from 220 as a second cereal is really good nitrogen efficiency. I get the higher tons of grain / n from the oats but then have to put it back on for the wheat. Certainly we don't get the rooting when drilling in late October compared to late September. So more on. Any excess turns to protein anyway which we get paid for. I'd say for us after oats I'd be happy with 25kgN per ton of wheat as feed.

Sept drilled after grass a totally different kettle of fish.
Is that easy to draw conclusions nitrogen recovery? The fertilizer industry likes to draw nice “precision” conclusions about the relationship between yield and N rate, however the evidence accumulated over many years suggests that relationship is far from precise, indeed it is very variable, not least because yield is grain rather than total vegetative growth.
I my estimation our crops here aren’t likely to need any extra n I put on. I do have a ton of fert in the shed so I could complete the planned dressing on a trial patch. 🧐


The conclusion is it's all a bit of a juggle. Especially if organic manures involved. Broadly speaking, the rb209 25kg per ton is good enough. I'd be fine at say 200kg after osr. But less due to the legacy N and more due to the early drilling. Comparing the root mass of different drilling dates, on different soil types, and you've more of an idea. If you have half the root volume, and less root depth, then that alters the quantity and timing / splits of fert.

We are rarely limited by moisture, or disease here. So why don't we get huge crops all the time? Because we're balancing risk management with weather unknowns.

But yeah, if I had fert in the shed and was tempted I'd run another bit down a tramline and see. Shed empty now, but then I've been using up fert I bought in June 2019. And I've done enough trials to be happy.


Next door used liquid and me Urea, mine was slow out the blocks to start and theirs looked a picture, mine now looks lovely while there's is looking tipped and looks lacking in something. I think the frosts didnt help after they put the liquid on.
I shall stick with Urea, I like it
Kind of similar here, a neighbour uses an/ans and I really got the hump watching his crops change colour and grow in late Feb when mine seemed slow to start but now mine looks as good if not better and held on through the dry spell, also according to NDVI satilite imaging mine has a higher GAI despite similar drilling days and inputs.

Urea does seem to grow a good plant and at a steady rate unlike the sudden rush of growth you get from AN and then it almost fizzles out.

Arable Scotland: Alternative markets and new cash crops

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Arable Conversations: Alternative markets and new cash crops 11.30 – 12.30 on 29th June 2021

Join us at Arable Scotland on 29 June at 11.30 am for an interactive ‘Arable Conversation’ that will discuss ‘Alternative markets and new cash crops’. The session will cover the seasons market potential and the current rollercoaster grain prices. New crops being trialled in Scotland, opening new doors and opportunities for the cereals sector will also feature. Chris Leslie from AHDB, will lead the discussion and be joined by the following panellists.

To register for the webinar visit and for more information about the event visit...