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With greatest of respect, I think what happened was you just depleted the soil nitrogen reserve for a round. No free lunches in this game in my opinion.
Yes and no my learned friend,yes as in you correctly on depleting n content and no as with the 1st time around being the slowest rotation combined with rapid growth I need the cows around quickly to maintain grass quality for subsequent rotations, I'll put 100kg/ac of the bag stuff for 2nd rotation .
I've silage back up for insurance
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I'm at the cutting edge,I'm so far behind I'm now infront
I'd no fert on the first time around this year,no sheep on either,,how many sheep would I need on to pay the fert saving
Sheeps worth 20 acre of silage to me, with rent at £200+ I just bite my lip and carry on. The best grass manager round here will have his ewes and lambs on til end of March and still be cutting silage 3rd week of May.

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My cousin does this very well. But as the sheep are his, he closes fields up at different times. There's a massive difference in grass quantity between the early closed ones and the late. This year it was basically double. Quality of the light stuff is out of this world though.
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Agriland says lakeland are up 0.25. Id have thought Dale farm could have held it. Are they both equal now?
I thought Lakeland held the NI price at 24.5p, Dale Farm dropped 0.25p to 24.55p (includes 0.3p members loyalty bonus) but Lakeland have no transport charge, Dale Farm have a combination of stop and volume charges which are at least 0.5p/l

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