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  1. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    The Farming Forum "Quote me" feature is a free service to help put buyers and sellers of agricultural inputs, produce and machinery in touch with each other without spending hours ringing around a more limited selection of suppliers and buyers

    You may be looking for a quote for your autumn herbicide requirement, next seasons Fertiliser or even a new bit of farm machinery ! Equally you may have grain or other produce to sell and are looking for the best merchant price

    either way why limit your search to just the same few regulars you call when you could widen it to every supplier and buyer in the UK via TFF Quote Me

    How it works

    A TFF member uses the "new post" button to start the quote me process

    The post title should contain a short description of the item wanted or offered to the market - i.e. "100t Extran" or "250t Feed wheat" etc

    The body of the post should then contain all the information that is required for others to give an accurate quote, this will be quote specific but add as much detail as you can including any relevant specification detail, quantities, required latest deliver or collection date and location

    If you wish you can add a date or time by which you would like to close the tender process

    Location can be as specific as a postcode or just an area (nearest town) if you would prefer

    When all the detail you think is needed is added click the "create thread" button and your request is now live

    Suppliers and buyers wishing to respond to the thread should do so via the PM function on the site. When you have received a few quotes and decided which is best then you can either decide to proceed with a deal or not.

    Contact those that took time to quote you via PM to tell them they are unsuccessful this time and pass you contact details to the members whose quote you want to go with to.

    From that point forward acceptance, further organisation and completion of any deals is between buyer and seller by what ever method they choose, phone, email etc.

    TFF is in no way responsible for what happens beyond that point,

    There is no obligation to accept any quotes received but I would request that when your deal is either completed or finished you return to your post and add "completed" comment

    If this becomes a widely used feature on TFF we will invest time and resource into making it a bit slicker process maybe with the addition of some simple forms to help gather all the info required for your quote

    Threads are left open so other members can post helpful comments about who they have had similar good deals from recently if they wish but actual quotes should be via PM to keep a closed tender system

    I hope you find it of use, I for one will be making regular use of it and think it could become a powerful way to quickly and efficiently insure i'm buying and selling at the best possible prices

    Like everything on TFF its success is dependent upon you the member - use it to improve your business and make UK farming more efficient or loose it as yet another idea where farmers were unable to help themselves when given a new way trade
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  2. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    Please can all titles include BUY or SELL to indicate whether you want to buy 1000l glyphosate for example, or sell 1000t of wheat. Some on here may want to buy wheat, straw etc. yet others may wish to sell.
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  3. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    Can we piggy back posts?

    So say someone local is asking for X tonne of nitram can I jump in and say I want Y tonne to a deliver location within 10 miles of original request?
  4. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    Sounds like it could be a good idea and might help save on part loads etc

    It might be good practice / manners to pm the original poster of the quote request to ok it though maybe ?
  5. are we going to see the quotes seems pointless if its all kept a secret
  6. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    Prices cannot be public surely? Would defeat the object of quoting process, and suppliers would have the advantage of seeing what they were against.
  7. Clive

    Clive Staff Member


    The idea is the quote process is like a tender invitation or calling around suppliers - best to keep quotes via PM

    however when / if you have done a deal you might want to post on your quote thread that the deal was done and at what price / who with ?? nothing to stop that keeping things open

    no intentions for it to be secret more that its the most likely way to get you the best price
  8. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    Sounds fair to me. Least that way the cheapest person gets the publicity which might make for more sales from others. Might encourage other suppliers who weren't successful to improve their competitiveness a bit if they knew how much out they were.
  9. Clive

    Clive Staff Member


    I would suggest to those sending PM quotes that they should specify in their quote if they would like their price to be kept private or that they have no objection to it being made public to generate further business maybe

    let that decision be down to the individual and respected by us all

    This is nothing new really, not a new way to do business, all it does is move from the inefficient, time consuming and limited phoning around to the wider spread of the internet
  10. Just a little word from the other side of the fence.....

    Don't worry about tagging me if it's the cheapest quote you want. I am seldom the cheapest and don't wish to be. Neither do I wish to be so rushed off my feet losing money that I don't have time to make a modest profit.

    If, however, you want the best quality products spread with the lightest footprint machine ever to set sail across a field, I will be happy to quote.

    And just to turn things on its head a little......

    I have the capacity to spread about 22,000 t of lime per year along with 1500t of Fibro-phos and assorted granular ferts together with slag and specialist blends in Warwickshire and all surrounding counties.

    Any takers? Highest bids only please from those who pay on time.

  11. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    Very true indeed Pete! One difference however if you are an honest supplier who has his customers best interests at heart. Many nowadays just seem to get it where they can, regardless of what the customers needs or history are.
  12. bobk

    bobk Member

    Be interesting the response to.... TFF members want 1000 ton 46%.
  13. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    @Cab-over Pete is more a service provider than just a simple input, I wouldn't really expect Quote Me to work for a business like his, its more for the buyer or seller of a simple product or commodity where the only difference and most important consideration is best price
  14. I know what you mean Clive, hence the tongue in cheek post.

    If I'm honest I would probably be the same buying like for like products. A combination of price and good service is what I would be looking for.

    Actually, that's a case in point!

    Lately, I have been thinking about a new beaver tail trailer to carry my Loadall. I spoke to 4 trailer builders at Grassland. Only one bothered to even quote me. I suspect it is because I want special brackets etc building in to the design to specifically fit my Loadall and digger. I also want two tow hitches fitting, one standard height for tractors and one higher up for the spreaders. I also require a PROPER paint job, not a gloss over which falls off in the first winter. I think it would be best if someone came out to my yard and had a look at the trailer my brother built for the job nearly 20 years ago. I want one like that but more sleek.

    So, anyone interested before I muck about listing spec for brakes, axle weights etc?

    Perhaps I had better put the request in the right place!

    Cheers, Pete.
  15. powerontheland

    Hockley Essex
    Is there any chance of a page/subforum for contractors to advertise their services?
  16. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    new classifieds is coming very soon now which will include such a section
  17. powerontheland

    Hockley Essex
    Fantastic, many thanks for all the hard work and effort that you and your team have put into this place (y)
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  18. I second that.
  19. why keep prices secret whats to be afraid of if its 60 a ton then thats what it is surly the best way for competition to work is to see the prices
  20. neilo

    neilo Member

    OK Pete, I have a 5ac field needing 1t/ac of your magical dust. Post code SY15. Any chance of a quote?:whistle:

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