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Had anyone got experience of residual herbicide damage to lolling direct drilled crops ? Labels often seem to say oil should be ploughed after use, is he any published research into this that maybe quantify a yield penalty as a result if residual use rather than total crop failure ?

What are the comical we hold be particularly aware of in this respect ?


Never come across a problem with it yet. Though I'm sure if you planted a winter crop that failed you may come up against trouble when replanting.
Had some winter beans one year (not DD'd), rooks took most so disced over the top to create a seedbed for some spring beans. They never seemed to do very well and seemed stunted. I put it down to the simazine residual at the time, it suggested ploughing but as we hadn't ploughed for years I didn't fancy going down that route.


I have the same question, we drilled a hybrid OSR into wheat stubble with chopped straw on 17th sept, bit late I know but that was as soon as we could get on. Pre em with Terridox and Centium straight after. About 3 days later had 85mm of rain in 24 hrs and seemed to rain ever since. So as you'd expect it's not a pretty sight and what has not rotted or drowned has been hammered by the slugs or pigeon, or both!!

I now want to, when its dry enough resow with either spring oats or spring barley, by preparing the land with a flatlift to allow it to dry before combi drilling to get a good tilth. As don't want to use the plough and bury any top humus we have gained over the last two years of strip till!

I have spoken to my agronomist who says that the recommendation is to plough, but this year as we have had so much rain the chemical may have worked down through the profile ploughing may bring it back up! So could be ok the way I want to do it, but its at my own risk!!!

Your thoughts please...


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Both York and I ( particularly Me ) hate the SU's given our dryer climate the incidence of Bonsai rape is higher than Germany. Also some problems with Soya.


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This is why it's a pity, that we lost the BFF archive, I posted some photos of a field of rape that had been half baled and half chopped then direct drilled with osr, the difference was a foot taller where straw had been removed, now whether that was a residual issue or alleopathic one I don't know ,the yield was better as well .

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