Sale of agricultural land in Russia (Baikal)


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Auction lot: operating agricultural enterprise + 3800 ha in Irkutsk region (Tulun district, Ikey village – 3000 ha, Edogon village – 400 ha, Nizhniy Burbuk village – 400 ha)

Price: $1 080 000

Tel.: +7(950)108-108-2, +7(918)9000-108 Roman Omelchuk


Lands. There are total area of 3,800 hectares = 1000 hectares in production, 2800 hectares fallow (mowing, pastures, small birch), fertile (according to the classifier "gray forest soil" – Siberian black earth or Siberian humus), environmentally friendly (chemical fertilizers have not been used for 15 years) registered in accordance with current legislation, formed by a single array: without "neighbors" and nexus in Tulun district between Ikei village, Garbakaray village and Nizhny Burbuk village (see picture). There are 400 hectares (property) directly opposite our territory of 20 hectares for the construction of new agricultural facilities (warehouses, garages, vegetable storehouses) of 20 hectares near Edogon village. There are 3000 hectares, property 2500 hectares, rent for 49 years 500 hectares directly opposite our territory for the construction of new agricultural facilities (warehouses, garages, vegetable stores) of 5 hectares near Ikei village. There are 400 hectares, property 123 hectares (rent for 49 years) 260 hectares right next to Nizhny Burbuk village.

Communications. There is Tulun town on the federal highway. There are railway deadlocks for the shipment of agricultural products to wagons in Tulun town. The road from Tulun to Ikei (50 km) paved with asphalt (passing by Edogon village and Edogon fields 40 km to Tulun). The land is located right next to the settlements, there is the necessary electrical power (the Tele2 and MTC cellular towers). There is the possibility of organizing additional watering of greenhouses (two privately owned wells, a full-flowing river next to the fields).

Estate. There are wooden, brick and reinforced concrete buildings (a wooden warehouse for grain, brick repair shops with an area of 1000 square meters, a brick garage for 50 cars, a transformer, reinforced concrete trusses for 400 heads) on the edge of Edogon village – on the territory of about 20 hectares. There are wooden, brick and reinforced concrete buildings (transformer, well, wooden warehouse for grain, sawmill, fuel filling station with a capacity of 20 cubic meters, brick repair shops with an area of 1400 square meters, the foundation for a garage, a reinforced concrete farm or a processing plant) on the edge of Ikei village – on the territory for the construction of new agricultural facilities (warehouses, garages, vegetable stores) with an area of 5 hectares. There is a brick building of a former creamery of 760 square meters (near – well and a small river) and about 200 meters – hydrosulphuric source (registered in private ownership) at the entrance to Ikey village.

Agricultural machinery. There are three tractors K-701, tractor K-744, KAMAZ, crane-board, new diskator SKAD-5,8x4, reclamation harrow BDN-M3.0, two plows PSN-8, two Soviet plows for raising deposits, new sprayer, new fertilizer spreader, new Bistrica grain seeder (Rosagroleasing, 2018), new Vector 410 combine harvester (Rosagroleasing, 2018), fuel repair equipment and spare parts warehouse with a set of repair equipment in agricultural enterprise.

Harvest-2019. There are elite grain crops (wheat, barley about 2500-3000 kg/ha) and 60 hectares of perennial grasses were sown on an area of 550 hectares. Couples were prepared for the next year with an area of 500 hectares.

Law firms. There are two first-level consumer cooperatives (“Village Products” and “Grain town”) and one second-level cooperative (“RusAgroHolding”) established in 2017 for Programms of the Ministry of Agriculture ($500000 and $1000000 for the development of material and technical base) in agricultural enterprise. All accounting is in order, all the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture are met.


Carbon Week - 1 to 5 March.

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Carbon Week

Carbon Week is a series of AHDB events, taking place from 1 to 5 March.
The webinars and panel discussions will feature a range of speakers and are for farmers and growers interested in understanding more about the carbon cycle, carbon auditing, reducing emissions and the opportunities around this.
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