Shooting Permission, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

Good afternoon all,

I am a member of the Pigeon Watch Forum and a farmer on that forum mentioned I may receive some support and guidance from the community on TFF.

I live in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire and I am looking for any local land in which farmers either need a regular shooter to help with vermin control OR a local shooter near the Tadcaster area that would be interested in a second gun or sharing any permissions if they are overly busy?

Alternatively if anyone in the area would be open to me coming along (no gun) to learn the ropes and help out it would be greatly appreciated.

There is so much land around where I live and it would be great to make some new connections in the area.

I have a passion for shooting and know the community like to support one another. If there are any local farmers within 10-15 miles of Tadcaster/ York/ Harrogate that would be open to having a conversation with me it would be greatly appreciated.


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