Skid Steer tyres


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What are thew best? I'm happy to pay a premium for long lasting tyres, but what o ultimately need is side walls/wheel rim protection. We always have problems with people catching the rims on cubible heelstone etc. any recemendarions on brands. using Camso atm.


Bobcat branded tires are simply Titans branded bobcat and are made of butter
Alliance Muddy Buddy is what you want
Longest lasting that I've had are bkt wide walls. Neighbour swears nothing lasts longer than galaxy beefy babies that came on new case skids but hard to get hold of


@Cowabunga is the go to guy for skiddy tyre experience.
As it happens just yesterday was skid steer loader service day. Changed the engine oil and filters and greased both units. Hardly need to think about tyres these days, since starting to use Kenda Rock Grip tyres. They last between three and four times as long as most other brands. I used to wear a set out on each skiddy annually, so eight new tyres a year. They still get exactly the same work annually but tyres last between three and four years. They cost maybe 25% more than most other brands but they are worth it. My tyre man was fed up changing skiddy tyres so regularly so put me on these and we are both happy bunnies as a result.
As for sidewall damage, these are as good as any but there are two important points here. First is to make sure they are always pumped up to maximum pressure which is just over 50psi. Secondly, eliminate those sharp edges which cause sidewall and rim damage. Round off all sharp corners or edges on heelstones and elsewhere so that the tyre slides off them, once and for all and enjoy more spending money and less downtime.
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AHDB winding down horticulture and potatoes operations as Ministerial decision awaited

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AHDB has announced yesterday it is winding down significant activities on behalf of the horticulture and potatoes sectors.

While still awaiting a decision on the future by Ministers in England, Scotland and Wales, AHDB wants to reassure levy payers their views have been heard following recent ballots in the two sectors.

AHDB is now stopping programmes of work that could be restarted in the future by grower associations, individual growers or the supply chain. This work includes for example, export market access and promotional international trade event work, consumer marketing campaigns and market pricing and insight information. AHDB will continue to deliver limited emergency work on pests and diseases, including the Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU)’s and some...