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    Machinery Focus: Belt rakes, tractors and UTVs at Balmoral Show

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland With shows now thankfully being held again, Balmoral has once more taken its place as the main event at which dealers and manufacturers can show off their latest products. The first day was one of sunshine and showers but that didn’t deter the large...
  2. W

    Tyre swapping. Sizes?

    Currently running a set of 650/75/38s with 600/65/28s on the front. Been looking for a set of replacement tyres and seen a set of 710/60/38 with fronts 600/60/28s. Will they fit my current wheels? For what it's worth I didn't spec the tyres I currently have, they came with the tractor, that...
  3. Tarw Coch

    Marshall QM14-560/60 r22.5 wheels

    Has anyone got a QM14 with 560/60 r22.5 wheels on? Looking to upgrade to them just checking if they will fit, poking around with a tape measure would seem to indicate they will but there won’t be masses of spare room so thought I’d ask if anyone has any experience of them on here. TIA
  4. P

    New tyres for Massey 390t

    I’m in the market for new tyres for my Massey Ferguson 390t, old ones giving trouble, Tractor only gets 150 hours a year mostly hauling bales and trailers Old ones are 420/85 R34s klebers Going for 460s now and don’t mind spending on a decent brand that will do another 20 years like the last...
  5. P

    Case 885 XL versus the 885 XL super two

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the specs on them? TIA
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    TC000767 - 2003 Massey Ferguson 6265 Tractor

    TC000767 - 2003 Massey Ferguson 6265 Tractor Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £22000 Condition: Good Description Massey Ferguson 6265 4WD Power Control Spec Tractor, 40Kph Manual transmission, 2 Open...
  7. hally

    Tractor tyre pressure

    Just curious what people think will be the ideal tyre pressure for this outfit. BKT 650 tyres 3ton grass drill and 1ton front weight alot of roadwork. TIA
  8. slim shiny

    Alliance tyres unbelievable customer service

    Had a set of Alliance put on a tractor last summer and in the new year noticed cracking in the back set. Contacted the guys we bought them off and they came straight out took photos, date stamps serial numbers etc. Late feb Alliance sent a rep to have a look and was fairly open that there was an...
  9. Flat 10

    John Deere TLS rear support bearing

    My 6620 TLS has always vibrated at bit a certain speeds on the road (circa 20kph) not badly but enough so that I thought I better check the UJs and shafts under the tractor. There is movement on the shaft but it isn't in the UJs I think its in the "self aligning bushing" and bearing where there...
  10. Farm Classifieds

    TC000731 - 2004 Fendt 716 Tractor

    TC000731 - 2004 Fendt 716 Tractor Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £34000 Condition: Good Description Fendt 716 4WD Tractor, 50Kph, Vario transmission, 160HP 4 Closed centre...
  11. H

    Telehander tyres

    Be ringing around for 460 70r24 tyres. MLR. ceat and Firestone all about same money. Bkt 80 quid more what do you think the best tyre?
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    TC000708 - 2020 Merlo 42.7-140 Telehandler

    TC000708 - 2020 Merlo 42.7-140 Telehandler Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Telehandler Price: £65000 Condition: Good Description Merlo 7M 42.7-140 Handler, 4200kg lift, 140HP Hydrostatic transmission...
  13. T

    BKT or CEAT

    Hi, here goes again! Changing the 4 tyres on tractor would you go BKT or CEAT? Their is only £170 difference. Thanks
  14. FendtRunner86


    Is Michelin back in business yet or what??
  15. B

    Which tyres?

    Which tyres would people have preference for making the least mess on soft grassland? 600/65r38 or 580/70r38? Or naff all difference between the 2?
  16. G

    Trelleborg tyres very disappointed

    FARMING FRIENDS PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AND CONSIDER MAKE SURE WHEN BUYING TYRES YOU CONSIDER THE BACK UP YOU WANT WHEN SPENDING THOUSANDS OF POUNDS ON A SET OF TYRES!!! Had a terrible experience with these tyres and feel really let down by Trelleborg there backup and support is disgraceful after...
  17. jamesy89

    130hp tractor costs

    Does anyone have costs per clock hour for a 130hp tractor to include: depreciation Insurance Tyres Servicing Maintenance not including diesel/operator. Thanks
  18. S

    Slurry tank tyres

    Is there much of a difference in thec quality between Nortec tyres (probably Russian) and bkt tyres for a slurry tank? My tyre man is getting me prices 2Moro but expects bkts to be double the price. Tyres are 800 r32.
  19. its.... only me

    Flotation grain trailer tyres.

    Thinking of put our old Marston 14t. grain trailer on flotation tyres. Want radials & seem to recall someone saying that a certain type didn't ride as well as some - would it be a cross-ply & is a 550 wide tyre a cross-ply only ?
  20. L

    Tyres 400 70 20

    quote required for 4 new 400 70 20 tyres, usual tractor pattern for telehandler