SNP/Green coalition


It is a serious situation. The People's Democratic Republic of Scotland is becoming a reality.

Patrick Harvie is more left wing than any other UK politician, and even worse, he and his Green Politburo, who he rules with an iron fist, are almost completely unelected as individuals.

God forbid that any of the Greens end up as Ministers with responsibility for the Environment. The only consolation is that the Tory MSPs, along with the Lib/Dems, will do their best to stand up for farming and the countryside.

Many SNP members represent rural constituencies, but they are also afraid to voice any opinion which contradicts the Party Line.

Donald Dewar (Google him) knew not what catastrophe he put in motion.


The only consolation is that the Tory MSPs, along with the Lib/Dems, will do their best to stand up for farming and the countryside.
An entirely futile exercise. They’ll never be able to effectively oppose anything for the next parliament. They are able to do nothing other than squawk from the sidelines.


In reality...
His opposite number was probably disappearing over the horizon with a Hilux overloaded with cash.
Much like their heroic western backed president who had to limit the weight of (US taxpayers) cash he could stuff into his helicopter before effecting his escape.


I wouldn't be surprised if the Greens take power in Germany this year. :scratchhead:

Support for them has tumbled recently, the result of several scandals right at the top of the party. I suspect we'll see another CDU/CSU and SPD coalition after the election, but with the latter having much more leverage than before. Of course, there's always the possibility of a SPD/Grun/Linke coalition, but that would ruin the country in weeks.


Hope you used public transport and stayed in a tent 😄

A good point that warrants an honest answer. For years we went on the train, then got a dog and decided dog plus kids across London underground just too stressful, so took to driving, for years this involved a spare can of home brew biodiesel in the boot so didn't have to buy diesel, we stopped making that (it's a young persons job) a few years ago so now just sit on the m25 with the monopopulus burning fossil fuel, actively dislike this and imagine that will go full circle back to the train at some point, for now there is the emotional baggage (in every sense of the phrase) of an elderly dog. As for the tent, feck that but do pretty much always stay on a farm, there's folks on here can vouch for that :) .

New Fuel Supplier On The Way

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Farmdeals is very pleased to announce that Exswift Limited will soon be joining our digital online platform. Exswift deliver all types of fuel to numerous locations around Essex and further a field. We will keep you updated as to when they go live. powered by The Farming Forum & FutureFarm. #farming #workinghard #inittogether

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