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  1. Been doing relief milking for a year now, what is a starting salary for a assistant herdsman with a house or without a house.

    It's a block calving grass based dairy herd.

    Just out of interest, looking at different options.
  2. 20k and a house.
  3. frederick

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    south west
    Sad fact is 20k is minimum wage on a 48 hour week.

    If you want a competent assistant it will be mid to high 20s plus a house with every other weekend off probably another day a fortnight off. And no more than 10 hours a day and never finishing more than 12 hours after you start.

    Assistants are actually harder to find than herdsman.
  4. farmboy

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    Ideal, I’d better go back to being an assistant!
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  5. Headless chicken

    West Wales
    :cautious:(n) Wife works 44 hours a week for an AG merchant and gets about £1200-£1300 a month and no house
  6. dinderleat

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    £10/hr to start, if your reliable after a year a house would be on the cards.
    The chap here works 5 days a week, most days he has from 9-3:30 to him self unless we are busy
  7. It's only minimum wage if you're not valueing the house. My assistant lives in a house that would rent out for £1000/month and I pay his council tax.

    If you say 30k package for 55hr week then that's about £10/hr which I think is fair.
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  8. Grassman247

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    Paying my assistants 30k plus a house valued at 6-7k and also paying there council tax
  9. frederick

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    south west
    One of your figures are wrong.
    Minimum wage 7.83
    Is £1492 a month
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  10. that will be after tax, insurance, Pension etc is it not, otherwise its below minimum wage
  11. pappuller

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    Average UK wage circa £27 k come on people get real, @Grassman24/7 is on the money. You pay peanuts you get monkeys
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  12. She might be only 18. :sneaky:
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  13. How many assistants you got?
  14. frederick

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    south west
    Dont think grassman and I are that far apart and many people on here will regard mine as excessive.

    Possibly more important as an industry going forwards is to have weekly hours starting with a 4 and a realistic level of pay rather than higher pay and stupid hours.
  15. true but maybe not, and she will be 8 to 5, not 5 to 8 and no Sundays maybe as well
  16. Remember the title of the thread is 'starting salary' , not someone with a decades experience.

    Having a decent house is nearly as important as salary.
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  17. Grassman247

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  18. You have any just general farm hands then or all skilled personnel?
  19. Bald Rick

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  20. frederick

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    south west
    My view of an assistant would be someone that can run the business whilst herdsman is away. So fair level of competency.
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