Steel framed grain sto


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All the stores I have at the moment are 120’ long by 55’ to 60’ wide with ridges running east to west. This presents one useful south facing roof for solar panels. I now want to build a shed probably 80’ long x 60’ wide orientated north to south.
So that I still get one south facing roof, is it feasible to build a shed with 80’ span and only 60’ long (3 bays)?Or is the cost of such a wide span going to be excessive?
And then, if using as a grain store, can I get enough strength for concrete panels down what will be the sides?( but are in fact the gable ends) would the stanchions just bolt into the portal frame?


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Isn't it advisable to orient some panels East and West so that you get better average light interception throughout year, or did I dream that.....
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There would be no problem doing as you have stated, going wider than the building is long. Cost work be much if any different, same amount of roof sheeting and concrete. Yes steel will be bogger but you will have 1 less frame than if you went 60ft wide and 4 bays long. Concrete panels will just clip to the gable posts which are fixed at the top to the rafter.

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