Stolen equipment may not be far away


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The Police (like many of our services) have got lost in policy and procedure.

In a rental property I own, there was a known drug dealer cohabiting with the lady who let the property upstairs. When I arrived one day I entered through a communal door, the druggie was coming down stairs and was clearly agitated.

I entered my property, and heard the windows in the communal door being smashed, I looked out to see the druggie stomping off down the street.

I phoned the cops, who arrived fairly promptly, explained the situation, to be asked " did you see him do it" I said not, but..................

They asked, was he injured in any way, I said I had no idea.

The policy took over which was now his well-being !!!

Outcome from my call, nothing.

Eventual outcome, a drug raid on the place, they were out but the owner fitted a new door which was secure.

The druggies parting gift, and brick through a fairly large double glazed window.

Dave W

Report to the police if crimes are not logged the statistics show no crime so then the police cannot direct resources to the problem crimes

Lincolnshire has a lot of rural crime logged and has rural officers around here responding

report any suspicious vrn s as wilthout intel the police cannot stop them or intercept them when they return
Please stop talking sense with good posts.

Don't you know this isn't a situation for normal thinking!


Has he been yet?


snarling bee

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They're brilliant, catching speeding motorists, arresting anyone who has offended someone else , promoting gay rights , looking after protesters blocking rds , investigating anything WOKE , filling in forms , handing out crime numbers, but if you're unfortunate enough to have been the victim of rural theft you're basically on your own ,
Round here the police don't even give you a crime number. Doesn't seem to matter if the farmers son was being threatened by a gang trying to nick diesel. Despicable.

No wot

Round here the police don't even give you a crime number. Doesn't seem to matter if the farmers son was being threatened by a gang trying to nick diesel. Despicable.
Absolutely disgraceful state we're finding ourselves in , it really is becoming extremely worrying that what is mine is fair game for them with little or no consequences ☹


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Local farrier had to nick his sign written truck back one Sunday morning when they were all hungover as police wouldn’t touch it despite being visible from 3 sides of the camp.

You see there's no need for that. Now, I'd ruck up at the cop shop for a chat with the biggest boss, tv crew with me, for a little chat. Bet they'd have got his van back then.


Round here the police don't even give you a crime number. Doesn't seem to matter if the farmers son was being threatened by a gang trying to nick diesel. Despicable.
Not giving an incident number is a complete breach of procedures, that is something that should be reported to a higher rank
Like most things these days theres a lot of politics behind most things .Whats a crime number for? a lot of numbers are for crunching only ,the police needs supporting as it always was, do your bit thats all you can do then the those higher up will do as in most jobs make a *uck up and blame someone else!!!!!


We had a feed trough go once and had a good idea where it had gone. Emailed our police who handed it over to the neighbouring county (where said trough had been taken) phone call 45 mins after emailing to say it was in their bike shed at hq could we collect. Sometimes they can be very helpful as they are looking for an excuse to visit certain places of you catch my drift
Precisely, I reported a suspicion recently. it was several days before they got back too me having investigated a property first. They didn't find anything but were grateful for the call as it gave them an excuse to make follow up enquiries in the future.
More sensible posts

Couple of years ago a tractor turned up on one of our farms a few miles from home

the game keeper on his rounds saw it (not our make so was suspicious) reported it it had been stollen owners had reported it
recovered in less than 24 hours

I had a trailer stollen a few years ago reported to police and on here and Facebook
neighbouring county police force Pcso saw a trailer on her rounds investigated the yard and found my trailer
picked it up same day

had a Land Rover disco stollen a few years ago reported and found by police patrolling car park in a town 25 miles away

we need to report every suspicious vehicle and every crime in rural areas the police will then have to take rural crimes more seriously

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