1. B

    Should I be annoyed?

    I just spotted an implement, a customer of ours has swapped for another brand, but didn’t ask me for a quote to problems there, it’s a free world and down to personal choice, but the machine was bought off patch, then when we started we took over a machinery franchise, and looked after...
  2. Cmoran

    Price of headlight for Ford ranger

    Just got a price for drivers side headlight for my 2020 wildtrak €1300+ vat absolutely crazy in my opinion!!! Oh and passenger side is €760+vat !!!
  3. 7610 super q

    TFF top 10 cliche chart....

    Still at number one after 5 years.... " Chip on your shoulder " New entry at number 2...... " Echo chamber " Non mover at number 3....... " Why is this in Agricultural Matters " Number 4....... " Throwing toys out of the pram " At number...
  4. stidsy

    Shed Rental

    Morning Ladies and Gents, I’m looking at ways to plug the cash flow deficit that will be left by BPS over the next 7 years. We have been approached by a few companies to store boats all year around given our proximity to the coast. Now, for the sake of argument let’s remove the issues of...
  5. Clive

    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    The Red Tractor logo or brand does not appear on products that UK cereal growers supply the ingredients for so unquestionably has no value to end consumers of bakery and other cereal products The processors of these products including the likes of Hovis and Warburtons have stated that they have...
  6. G

    Charge per hour.

    Charge per hour. Not seen any thing on here about mechanic charges per hour. Lets start, i had a fuel problem with my tractor so i rang my main dealer, he sent out a mechanic and he cured the problem in 1 hour. One month later he sends the bill, 2 days ago i got it, am still in shock. The...
  7. C

    Moving sheep on a road signage

    I’ve seen signs for supervised cattle crossings up north before, when lights show signs with the little beacons. Was thinking of making my own for moving the sheep. I’ve got about 200 yds to move them along a road. Easy job right? Apart from the fact it’s between 2 sets of double bends. I need...
  8. paul&mandy

    Contractor productivity grants

    I see that as a contractor I could apply for this grant for machinery this year. When does this come in s I can't find much information on this. I've got my eye on a piece of machinery that could fit the criteria for this. Be really handy getting 40% off the price of the machine.
  9. Finn farmer

    Dealer having a laugh

    So, i went to the MF dealers depot, our old salesman has given up on selling tractors and is now selling implements only, so a new salesman sits behind the desk. I offered our 2018 Case Maxxum 135 Cvx with 3200 hours for trade-in for a MF 6718 Dyna-Vt Exclusive. Cost to change came to 75k€ inc...
  10. Sid

    NHS.....Its only as bad as a normal winter

    John Burn-Murdoch (@jburnmurdoch) Tweeted: NEW: a common response to reports of hospitals struggling this winter is "it’s no different to a bad flu season!" I’ve tracked down historical data on flu ICU admissions, including winter 2017-18, a record high. Here’s how England’s Covid winter...
  11. E

    360 ticket for farm use.

    Do people have tickets for diggers similar to telehandler/ forklift for on farm use. I can only seem to find the big courses for construction work online.
  12. Jpaley

    Woodland rental wanted

    Hi, I’m very keen to rent some woodland in Derbyshire or Staffordshire. I have a very busy life and really want to spend my spare time wisely. I can’t think of anything better. I’m a lover of the British countryside and I want my own private getaway to watch the seasons change. It would be...
  13. B

    Best value?

    For a 20 year life would it be better buying a brand new trailer at £20,000 from a premium brand or buying a well used one at £10,000. Assume the same spec but £10,000 ones generally need new tyres which adds £2,000. New one would be financed. Used one would be bought out of the business...
  14. T

    What costs is it to take hefiers to cows

    I am looking to increase my herd and add new blood to it would I be better buying bulling hefiers or calves - weanlings. Quality hefiers are big big money .I know of fleveich cross simmental heifers calves for sale 🤔
  15. puntabrava

    Slurry jib

    Hmmm, encountered this heading to Newcastle Emlyn this morning, when you know the road it’s a bit disconcerting to come around a corner and meet this when your 16 foot high, you hope they have a tape.
  16. Sonoftheheir

    Amazon AD3000 drill rat damage

    Morning All, what with the weather and the Christmas break the drill was left in the shed with wheat seed in it. Since then rodents have been having a field day they’ve eaten through wires, chewed some plastic bits and been pulling the wheat out from the meter wheels (after gnawing them flat...
  17. spikeislander

    How well does the spun on wheat look? Are fert spreaders accurate enough?

    Hi there considering this as a back up plan , we have a Vaddy 8m and Kv tine drill , which has got us drilled up the last two years pretty much . But I feel the drop in output from 8 to 6 plus unblocking Coulter’s etc means the amount we can do in a day is much less at a time when the weather...
  18. Jerry

    NFU, reasons and reasonable argument not to join....

    I’m sitting down this week with local NFU rep. He’s been wooing me for the last few years to join but I have declined for various reasons. I’m still inclined not to join.....partly due to and not limited to: Red tractor. Inept use of social media. Preaching to the converted by not using the...
  19. yellow belly

    how much wheat still to plant

    i keep reading and hearing about farmers who have been unable to plant the early planting intention survey says 1.776 million has if there is some acres that would normally have been planted by now will the area of wheat in may be less than 1.776 million planted 100% of intended although one...
  20. Muck Spreader

    The Track and Trace farrago

    Isn't it about time this useless and pointless scheme managed by incompetent but skilful money grabbers had it's plug pulled. It has consumed £22 billon in six months of operation and has a further unconfirmed £16 billon for this current year. I now notice they have started to bodge the...

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