1. G

    Prospective pay rise

    Always been paid based on a 39 hr week plus o/t at time and a half. This time I have been offered a choice of a rise carrying on with the same set up , or a higher basic figure plus 1.4 o/t. Based on my average annual o/t hours, there’s only £140 difference in my gross earnings. It’s set me...
  2. Tom8877

    Metal Detecting

    Hi my name is Tom I live in Dudley,Northumberland. I am looking for a farmer or land owner that would allow myself and 1 other who is my wife permission to detect on there land we are members of the mcnd with liability insurance. All holes will be filled after being dug any finds over 300...
  3. G

    Question for Red Tractor on their Facebook post

    I've asked the following question on a RT Facebook post. Let's see what their answer is... The Facebook post, and twitter post...
  4. M

    OLMC are there any members on here?

    Just looking to see if their are many members on TFF and seeing how people get on with the co-op. Looking to start finnishing this summer our first big mob will be ready at 24/26 months. any feedback would be very welcome.
  5. manfromhill

    Rear seat conversion

    Seen a tidy shogun van for sale locally with a rear seat fitted what is the legal stance on this and what do people tell there insurance company is it just a grey area?
  6. G

    Small pickup

    Does anyone still make a small pickup these days? Like a vw caddy?
  7. Muddyroads

    Cow - The film

    Picked up on a review of this “documentary” film yesterday on 5 live and think it might be good for TFFers to be aware of it. It’s been nominated for Cannes apparently so could get quite a bit of press. Filmed on a large dairy farm somewhere in the south of England it follows a cow for around 4...
  8. GAM

    Ex employer won't ?

    How do you go about getting your tickets off an ex employer who says, I can't remember the training company, and they should have sent the tickets directly to you?
  9. Agriland RSS

    Farming in NI is about to enter a period of high taxation

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Farming in Northern Ireland (NI) is about to enter a period of high taxation, in relative terms, according to Omagh-based accountant, Seamus McCaffrey. He explained: “The personal allowance has been frozen until 2026. Secondly, the rate of company...
  10. J

    Jeantil straw blower

    Our straw blower has blown up, bed chain gone through blower, any one know where I can get new bed chain
  11. Jerry

    Antidote to Venganuary

    I always sell a fair bit of lamb through the spring/summer/autumn direct to individuals, pubs, restaurants and it does very well for me. But a couple years ago I decided to run a small pedigree Devon suckler herd with the ideal to sell beef boxes direct. Partly selfish reasons as I always...
  12. J

    North West Shooting / Vermin Control

    hi I'm Joe I'm looking for permission to shoot over land, currently use air rifles and shotguns. Experienced shot with BASC full membership and insurance. willing to pay a fee for the liker of pigeon / rough shooting it would be great to chat and discuss options with anyone willing. Send me...
  13. steveR

    Barn Repair and/or Demolition Contractor

    As I recall, there are a couple of inmates here who dabble in steel work and old buildings.... Following Storm Arwen effectively destroying one end of a 7 Bay Dutch Barn, I have been asked if I know anyone who could demolish it and remove the steel, as part of an Insurance job... Plan B was to...
  14. Woldgrain Storage

    Situation Vacant Full-time Storekeeper required

    FULL-TIME STOREKEEPER REQUIRED Woldgrain is a cooperatively owned grain storage and processing facility, handling a variety of combinable crops grown within 65 miles of Hemswell, Lincolnshire. Current storage capacity is 100,000 tonnes on one site, with planning permission in place for a...
  15. OffGridCamp

    Off Grid Camp - An opportunity to diversify farm income without the hassle of a conventional campsite

    Hello! We’re Tom and Rozzi and we’ve just launched a website called Off Grid Camp which links 4x4 overlanders with landowners who are looking for somewhere wilder to camp. It is a great opportunity to diversify your income without the hassle of running a conventional campsite. All our members...
  16. S

    Heptavac P

    Not sure if it’s scaremongering but had 2 people tell me today that Heptavac is in short supply,only 500ml packs available.Told that there has been a batch failure
  17. MX7

    Sources for meat consumption in Uk during last 4yrs.

    This may be wishful thinking but despite all the media hype has meat consumption really dropped that much during the past 4yrs in the Uk , or for that matter any other country. It was back in 2018 that there was the saga of Jeremy Vine tucking into his ham sandwich while doing one of his “hype...
  18. N

    ATV Security

    I'm currently looking at introducing a device to the market to secure Farm Quads/ATV's and make it much harder for thieves to steal them. It's a simple device which you drive the quad bike into, and only takes seconds to lock up (4/5 Seconds) and about the same to unlock without the need for any...
  19. A

    buying a tractor from abroad

    Hi I'm new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone could help, I'm buying a tractor from abroad with an Italian registration document. How easy is it to register it in England ?, and what forms do i need to fill in. Any help will be appreciated.
  20. Grassman

    Blame game

    Who is at fault here