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    Wynnstay joins LEAF to support net zero ambitions

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland As a first step in a five-year strategic plan, Wynnstay have joined LEAF – a global sustainable farming organisation – as a corporate member to demonstrate its long-term commitment to driving more climate smart strategies across the business. It will be...
  2. Smokey16

    Ewe minerals

    Last year was my first year sheep farming I bought 110 ewes in and I grazed them all on nice regrowth grass and I put out the rumenco high energy plus fish oil biscuit blocks out for then about 3week before tupping and all through tupping when it came to scanning the ewes we had 36singles...
  3. B

    ELMS Fiasco

    Given what we know of Defra it goes without saying that this whole ELMS project is going to end up a right fiasco with endless delayed payments, endless queries, & intrusive inspections, surely for the first few years it would make far more sense to continue with the SFP but have it restricted...
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    TB001029 - 2012 Spearhead 2800HD Topper

    TB001029 - 2012 Spearhead 2800HD Topper Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Mowers Flail Topper Price: £3750 Condition: Good Description 2012 Spearhead 2.80m 2800HD Spearhead Mounted, Rear roller Hydsraulic offset, Grass Flail How...
  5. CopperBeech

    Charmoise Rams

    Approx 30 Charmoise rams, mostly shearlings with some older rams available. All grass reared, never been fed, never had their feet touched, all born outside and culled for everything and anything. £300-£500 open to a deal on multiples.
  6. S

    Plant Based Milk gaining market share I must admit I actually use soya milk in my cereal as I simply prefer the taste......and I come from a dairy farm! However, for tea nothing beats the real thing.
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    Existing chemistries still important in controlling herbicide-resistant weeds

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland According to Life Scientific UK and Ireland country manager, Ruth Stanley, existing chemistries can still play a role in controlling herbicide-resistant weeds, provided farmers use a much more holistic approach when it comes to the management of their...
  8. L

    Light quarters.

    Have been doing some analysis on our mastitis rates etc as we have red tractor at the end of the month and want to be prepared for anything. it looks like we will end up treating fourteen cows for the season or just under 6% with a further 4 heifers coming in light in at least 1 quarter. I...
  9. L

    When is the latest you have (successfully) drilled grass seed.

    As above. We have a field sprayed off a good three weeks now. We have had a little rain. But not enough to encourage me to drill it yet. How long can I wait ?
  10. Smokey16

    Weighing lambs

    I dont know if I'm doing something wrong I took some lambs to market yesterday I weighed them Tuesday afternoon and they weighed between 42/45kg after market weighed them yesterday they said they weighed 38kg. So I checked my scales last night I put a mineral bucket on it and it came up with the...
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    Fancy becoming one of NI’s new Sheep Technology Demonstration Farms?

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland Farmers who would like to see their flock become one of Northern Ireland’s two new Sheep Technology Demonstration Farms have less than three weeks to apply. The Technology Demonstration Farm network, which is run by the Department of Agriculture...
  12. S

    Organic Rotation Ideas for Finishing Suckler Calves

    Afternoon All, We're exploring changing our system from conventional to organic and wanted to get some advice on organic rotations. We're looking to dedicate all our arable land (light chalk) to produce organic feed for finishing our suckler Angus X calves. Current thoughts are for a 9-year...
  13. Jackov Altraids

    The Governments assault on livestock farming.

    The unqualified ban on live exports, the continual mal-apportioned blame for carbon emissions, an ELMS scheme that discriminates against pasture amongst other things, is this all due to lobbying by animal rights extremists or is there a real policy in Whitehall that they think there will be a...
  14. P

    front mount topper direction

    hi what direction should front topper rotate? towards tractor throwing stuff behind or forwards? Its a blade topper that i have and when purchased it was used front mount on demonstration and the middle gearbox was just flipped with bung and breather reversed. Its just i find it seems to eat...
  15. Corteva Technical

    Grassland and Maize Agronomy Update

    Welcome to the latest update for the 2021 grassland and maize season. These regular technical notes are a seasonal commentary to help those interested in improving grassland and forage productivity on dairy, beef, sheep and equestrian enterprises. Download the FarmMoreForage App Where you are...
  16. Chris F

    TFF Most Popular Poster - Round 5

    I am losing track of those who have already won this prestigious award, but I believe its a new winner. Rules for this round were - highest average reaction score per post for members who have posted more than 100 times in the last 30 days. And the winner is..... Since I can't keep track of...
  17. H

    Wire through a duct

    I want a very thin ( alarm size) wire through a 2inch duct. It already has 2 electric cables in but the problem is it has loads of corners and I mean loads. 4 x 90 degrees and a slow bend. I had rope through to get the electric through and I must admit I thought should I put a rope through...
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    Loaders, jets and trucks at JCB auction

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland JCB has something for just about every yard and farm workshop out there in its latest auction to be held in Staffordshire in the UK, later this month. As might be expected, there is a good selection of diggers and loaders, although it would appear that...
  19. ___\0/___

    Basic fert spreader

    Needing a new 2 bag fert spreader for grass with a spreading width of about 12m. The dealers I want to work with have came back with Krm L15 plus Sulky DX20+ KV Exacta CL 1550 (vicon version also priced) Khun mds 18.2 All with in touching distance on price but any of the machines stand out...
  20. David1968

    Belt Baler Recommendations

    Good evening everyone :) So, I'm thinking about a baler upgrade, and found myself here after some googling. I have seen a few baler threads but I thought I should maybe start my own rather than hijack someone else's. Not really sure what the etiquette is. Looking for something that will do a...