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  1. jondear

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    Having had our test before Christmas and having had 1 reactor . Been previously clear on 12 months testing. Neighbour forces test.Ministry decided to take the 4 IRS as well all young cows the best of course .They tell us this before Christmas a nice little present then on Holliday's till 3 rd Jan.Then contact them about details told the compensation, Only covers half their worth! Picking up today .It really sickens me to my stomach , causes so much stress and arguments and for what .!!
  2. gone up the hill

    They seem to be on a drive now to take IRs as well as reactors, 6/12 months ago they wouldn't take them even if you had 10 cattle in a bunch and 9 go down and 1 is left as a IR but now they seem to be taking the lot on most farms regardless of TB history.

    Ref the compo, they are slowly reducing it by stealth, the table valutions they pay bear no resemblance to what average market prices are the previous month/s.
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  3. matthew

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    That's a bugger @jondear You ask 'for what?'

    To keep this lot in handbags for the forseeable.


    If you check out the attendees at this Symposium, with a couple of exceptions, most are in their seats courtesy of trying to prove the earth is flat. Starting with Bourne and the RBCT which this odious little man told MPs had had a political steer from its inception, and a predetermined conclusion.

    Chair: Lord John Krebs University of Oxford


    Professor James Wood University of Cambridge;

    Nigel Gibbens CBE Director General, Chief Veterinary Officer;

    Professor Rowland Kao University of Glasgow;

    Dr Catherine E.D. Rees Associate Professor in Microbiology, University of Nottingham;

    Professor Christl Donnelly Imperial College;

    Professor Tim Coulson Professor of Zoology, Associate Head of Department Jesus College;

    Lucy Brunton Department of Epidemiological Sciences at Animal & Plant Health Agency;

    Dr Graham Smith Lead Scientist for the National Wildlife Management Centre. Animal & Plant Health Agency;

    Professor Liz Wellington University of Warwick; Freya Smith Animal & Plant Health Agency;

    Assocaite Professor Eamonn Gormley School Of Veterinary Medicine,Veterinary Science Centre, University College Dublin;

    Fraser Menzies DAERA;

    Amie Adkin Animal & Plant Health Agency;

    Professor Rosie Woodroffe Institute of Zoology;

    Dr Gareth Enticott Cardiff University;

    Professor Sheila Bird OBE University of Cambridge;

    Professor John Bourne Formerly, Institute of Animal Health and Former Chairman, Independent Scientific Group;

    Professor Ian Boyd Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs;

    Professor Neil Ferguson Imperial College London;

    Christianne Glossop Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales;

    Dr Brian May CBE Save Me Trust.

    And the superannuated star gazer hosting this jolly, does so under the banner Team Badger - Save Me.

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  4. Lovegoodstock

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    Counts for little but it is just crap and feel sorry for you, like you say half their value, also its not just glass being half empty but its always a couple of crackers, favourites, or from good lines. Good luck in 2 months, fingers crossed
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  5. fastfish

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    Been there done that ,had to change my system to get away from tb
  6. DanM

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    Other than getting out of cattle; how do you change your system "to get away from TB"
  7. Northeastfarmer

    Move north
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  8. matthew

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    Just don't go into alpacas, free range pigs, deer, sheep or goats. All are at risk from 'badger' TB.
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  9. TB has become a joke that is no longer delivering tax payer value for money in my view.
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  10. Lovegoodstock

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    Yet you can be riddled with tb in say alpacas and not test and not have healthy animals taken away??
  11. fastfish

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    Finished cattle going away at 2/3rds value still ending up in the food chain ,can't carry on like that ,keep someone else's cattle now, and they want me to pay to be in a cull area 10 yrs to late
  12. Chum

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    South Devon
    Feeling it too @jondear, had a reactor just before Christmas too, best cow we have, pedigree, due to calve in march. Pen right next to hers full of cull cows, dodgy feet and udders not a lump insight! :banghead:
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  13. Kevtherev

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    Welshpool Powys
  14. Sid

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    South Molton
    Tb seems rife in herds that have been clear for years and herds that were down with greater numbers of reactors.
    Sorry to hear about your issues @jondear. Compensation for a farmer selling a premium product and getting half their true value is a crime!
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  15. jondear

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    Thanks for kind words .Its just one of those issues that hits you and your helpless to do anything about it .The worst thing is losing heifers that have just calved or in calf animals youngsters that show potentially to be great cows .Haven't heard anything since going so I take it no legions have been found .Now they will try to grow it in a lab which takes 10 weeks I think .By then we will be on are second test!
  16. Coldbrook

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    We've been under restriction for a couple of years but got a phone call today from the ministry saying that they had made a mistake and they should have removed my restrictions after my last TB test in November. I was shocked, I didn't know the ministry could make mistakes.
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  17. MiJ

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    The biggest mistake lately is not locking up all the wonkers at the recent symposium.
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  18. I believe you could send the cattle under license to the abattoir if you think they will come to more than compensation. Certainly are allowed to with IRs.
  19. twjg2

    twjg2 New Member

    Anyone know whether if you have an IR you can voluntarily have it culled and PM'd to avoid waiting the 60d till retest?
  20. twjg2

    twjg2 New Member

    Also whether you can buy in young stock when waiting for a retest on an IR?

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