The Beltex is supreme.


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Carlisle today - about 700 shearling rams averaged £1500, with a top price of 30,000 gns.

I can't remember being at a sale with as much buzz and enthusiasm.
And the same will happen next year after about a third of the purchases have died. :banghead:

OMG! That’s more than a 50% reduction in the top price in the last two years. Surely the Beltex clique know that they need to keep squeaking it up a bit each year to keep things moving forward?

I admire your optimism though. A third? From that sale?🤐


The man from here has a heap down in fact a good consignment from up this corner, the issue with some Beltex is that the are pushed
I bought one from a lass up your way a couple of years ago and he is still going strong, very good tup. So bite the bullet yesterday and bought from her again, paid a little more than I would of liked but if they last it will be worth it.
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Last year l bought 4 at lanark and there all died, lmbs are wee but sell well for me as stores but now l just except they will all die before the spring.
Youl have to make sure you dont pay to much for them then if theyre just one year models, price lambs are 4 or 500 apiece probably justifiable, plenty for one year.

Update on the Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot

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Update on the Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot

Written by Lisa Applin

In July, we opened the applications window for farmers to join our Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot.

The Sustainable Farming Incentive is 1 of the 3 new environmental land management schemes. It sits alongside the future Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery schemes.

Through the Sustainable Farming Incentive, farmers will be paid for environmentally sustainable actions – ones that are simple to do and do not require previous agri-environment scheme experience.

We are piloting the scheme to...