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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by rob1, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Perhaps not at the time, but makes me smile now :) In the chippy this dinner time and the nice woman that had been making small talk with the kids moved to the counter to collect her order. Youngest (2) chirps up "that lady's got a big bottom" :wideyed: Woman flinched a little, so youngest repeated it :facepalm:

    To be fair, she wasn't lying....... :cautious::D
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    My younger Daughter at around 2,5 sat on my knee whilst I was speaking with the GP

    Sarah kept pestering "Dad, Dad, Dad"

    I asked her to be quiet

    That lasted less than a minute

    In a staccato voice she spoke over both of us: "But hasn't Dr Parker got a big fat....."

    All I could think of was jabbing her in the ribs. She swung round and said to me "I wasn't talking about his belly, I was looking at his pen...."

    Needless to say Dr Parker and I just laughed it off
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    Spotted on another forum IMG_0632.JPG
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    Willy Lotts Cottage, Flatford late summer by Richard Ferris Photography.
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    The Christmas lights in Lavenham - photo credit

    15672905_1665038010456337_5083257391106676922_n.jpg 15698278_1665037947123010_6734403397242529088_n.jpg 15726687_1665037960456342_6992001465383421336_n.jpg 15740914_1665038893789582_3996525060848696751_n.jpg 15741320_1665037963789675_2566982888184860532_n.jpg
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    Anorak and walking sticks , HE'S A FECKIN RAMBLER, its because of them barstewards the moors have no sheep on them anymore :mad:
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    IMG_0998.JPG Could do with a brew and some toast need one of these at home :ROFLMAO:
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    I think becky would hit you with the toaster if you got one of them fitted :LOL::LOL:
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    And stop biting yer nails :p
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    north lincs
    Getting a call from HMRC department this morning thanking me for sending a boat load of information and that they are satisfied ,,one less headache to worry about .
    Had a right crappy last few weeks back and forth to them picking my life apart
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    North of York
    You want one of these in tractor. coffee light switch.jpg
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    Kirkby Lonsdale
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    North of York
    write that date on a cheque for them and see what's said.
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    Kirkby Lonsdale
    IMG_4006.JPG Driving straight forwards. Old kit is the BEST! :rolleyes:
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    Not bad for a 208.000 miles old
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    Kirkby Lonsdale
    It's an old gem, really. It gets nothing but abuse, too - it just gets used as a van. It's renovated three houses and carts holiday home stuff around. I doubt it's been serviced for years, either. Poor old thing.

    It really stretched it's legs, today, though - I made it move!
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    The scent of Seville oranges as I make marmalade.

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