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  1. don't normally attempt winter beans with a 750A as smeared slot fills with water too quickly. however. conditions are a bit different this year. have never seen it so dry at beginning of Nov to point that a plough still wont go in at the moment.

    am going to DD later this week.

    can metering mechanism (old and worn) take 225kg/ha) sensibly without jamming?
    how would you set the press wheel and covering wheels?

  2. Will Blackburn

    Take the roll pins out of the seed agitation shaft.
  3. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    250kgs/ha was no problem last week

    press and covering wheels setting very soil type and conditions dependant
  4. Persa

    Persa Member

    Saleby, Sweden
    I drill spring beans Fuego at 300-310kg/ha with a 6m 750. Metering set to 95 gives 300-320kg depending on seed size. Might be different with winter beans...
  5. cows r us

    cows r us Member

    What plant population do you all aim for? I'm growing tundra this year. It's being direct drilled into a grass and clover ley. Also does row width have any effect. I have the ability to drill at 20 or 40 cm.
  6. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Member

    I would suggest 20cm, whilst rows wider than cereals are generally ok i think 40cm is too wide. Seed rate wants to be minimum 180kg/ha imo. I used 210kg/ha this year
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  7. juke

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    We aim for 30 seed sq meter with tundra that was with 96 percent germination
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  8. Simon Chiles

    Simon Chiles DD Moderator

    As your drill has mechanical metering you are never going to have problems drilling beans even up to 400 kg/ha. You could use the special blue flap for the metering cell wheel, A111286, and remove the roll pins to ease the flow but neither is completely necessary. Other than that it’s max depth and max press wheel pressure, aim to sink the press wheel up to it’s axle bolt.
    I was aiming at 20 plants/m2 a month ago which with my seed ( Tundra ) worked out at 140kg/ha, probably now you need to up it to 30/m2. I’ve drilled thousands of acres of beans with a 750 and have hardly ever had a problem, not even in conditions I thought were far from ideal.

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