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  1. Getnthair

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    SW Scotland
    Not all Today at Work - but I think it is now ready for cattle. Erected the shed 3 years ago but run it as a loose box until ready to put in the cubicles and slurry channel. Will now hold 80 cattle as opposed to 50 on straw. Picked a good year to move away from straw? Conventional layout. Lost count of the number of nuts I tightened after over 1200.

    OK - will need to fit barriers around the scraper motors. Hate putting them outside and wall mounts weren't going to work in this shed because the winch drums are too wide for the wall between the doors. Probably need gates too to shut the cattle off each passage if we need to work with them or need access.

    When do you actually say - "Finished that Shed" ? :scratchhead: S16 80 cubicles Oct17.JPG S16 - Scrapers Oct17.JPG
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    IMG_0207.JPG Made a start today
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    the narth
    For a change a bit of this today IMG_20171012_111328835.jpg
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    Finally finished hedge pruning today. Going to be a good bonfire over winter. DSC_0317.JPG DSC_0322.JPG
    Some good views towards Clee Hill and across Worcestershire. DSC_0319.JPG DSC_0314.JPG
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    North Cumbria
    No I save that for the winter tak Herdwicks. I have several long acre meadows all over the Parrish !:shy:
  6. Got fuel pump and injectors back and fitted to this beast
    Hopefully a nice box of parts will turn up tomorrow for it(y)
    Also Xmas present wrapping practice took place

    And also unwrapping to that's that best(y)
    Looks about different now @Landyman

    A couple coats of clear on in the morning and it will be literally be better than new this 550 is going to be lovely when finished

    Thought I'd got some more pics of other jobs
    But :banghead: no :rolleyes:
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    Crops are better this year slowed me down a bit photo show probably the worst field we have been in, Only started this week ,biggest headache is trailers getting stuck
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    You wouldn't know it was the same one i saw (y)
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    It's not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;):D:D:D:D:D
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  10. never worked a cubical shed do you bed with sawdust? how do u clean the bit under where the stalls are?
  11. davidroberts30

    credit to you she's shining(y)
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  13. Getnthair

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    SW Scotland
    We bed with sawdust, yes - on to the rubber mats that are fixed to the concrete beds. Sawdust doesn't add much to their comfort - we use so little - but keeps the bed dry. We then scrape down the back of the bed, every day, with a hand scraper. Head rail (or neck rail) - you can just see it on top of the of the cubicles forces the cattle to lie to the rear of the cubicle bed. Also when they stand up they are forced back off the bed. Result should be that all the muck is at the back of the bed or on the passageway.

    Other people use other products on the mats - eg lime - and others have deep beds filled with sand or recycled bedding. Huge labour and cost savings over a straw system - but capital cost of putting it all together.....

    Can't win....:sneaky:
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    Owaka, New Zealand
    New calves survived the night 20171013_095529.jpg 20171013_104734.jpg
    Peas and grass coming up, so put up some scarers to keep the dratted birds off them 20171013_143549.jpg (just pigtails and shopping bags)

    Then the milk powder arrived, unloaded him, and went fixing paddocks 20171013_170814.jpg
    Then this broke 20171013_191744.jpg
    ...because the thread is stuffed, and it's Black Friday, and I was only about an acre off finished... 20171013_203255.jpg so I stuck a mighty blob of weld on top and got it done (y)
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    Near Colchester
    It is bizarre you having Friday 13th before we are really started with it - plenty of time for stuff to go wrong here too - but then it goes wrong on many other days too.
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    Owaka, New Zealand
    Yes! Time zones do make things a little weird at times, especially some Saturday mornings (local time)
    You can tell who's come home from the pub, put it that way!!
    Today has been a right mess up here, have had so many things I could have been doing but the milk powder was coming "after lunch" = 3.25pm :mad:
    So, got very little achieved, for a fine day with no kids at foot :rolleyes: grease on my seat, to top it all off :facepalm::(
    Tomorrow's not used nor mended yet :)
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  17. Fair bit of work walking round with hand scraper though? Do many people use this system for beef cattle im all straw befded courts
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    Driving this thing for the day helping a mate out who was desperate ImageUploadedByThe Farming Forum1507891342.549502.jpg
    ImageUploadedByThe Farming Forum1507891388.220077.jpg
    First time driving one of these green and red things! Nice and roomy in the cab but apart from that can't see what all the fuss is about!! Won't be disappointed to get back to my NH tomorrow!!
  19. smcapstick

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    Kirkby Lonsdale
    A 2000G LGP tanker made the old girl wheeze :)

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