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  1. If its wired to standard, from that pic you've got
    1. Radar (pulsed output)
    2. Wheel speed (ditto above)
    4. Linkage in.out work (either 12V or 0v)
    7. Ground

    Its actually called an Amp CPC plug (CPC stands for circular plastic connector) officially a C16-1 type. You can get them for a few quid + pins. e.g Mouser link. The DIN 9684/ISO 11783 is the name of the standard for the signalling and interface spec.
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    Owaka, New Zealand
    You're a mine of information.
    I may need to run a separate +12v wire to my sensor switches to get the pulses, will have a bit of a try around, as I can only imagine the price of the proper loom.
    I'll get the fuse wire and multimeter out and check these wires go to the pins @T Bourne has indicated, before I hack into it!
  3. Sorry I’ve not read the entire context of what you’re trying to do, so I may have misunderstood, but to be clear the 7-pin. signal socket is outputs only. It’s the tractor telling the control box for the implement about ground and PTO speeds, linkage position etc. All referenced back to pin 7. So to test with your meter put plug into socket with tractor running. You should see the appropriate voltages (or use on freq. count on your meter for speed pulses etc).
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    Next barn coming along nicely
    Think they had a bit of rock to punch?
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    Owaka, New Zealand
    Yes, I'm a bit backwards, forgetting you haven't the slightest context, on my project!
    I have an old tractor without any sensors; and this little adaptor cord that came with my APV pneumatic seeder- trying to get a speed pulse and the in/out of work signal into the controller module, on the very cheap. Basically to avoid having to travel at the exact calibration speed up hill and down dale, and to automatically start/stop seeding.
    So I am trying to replicate the signals that would appear at the tractor socket, with a couple of limit switches (that will likely be replaced at some point by proximity or magnetic reed switches)
    The control module can be calibrated to suit various pulses/metre so that's no issue.
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    Yeah, 814 super with 17000 odd hours.
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    Owaka, New Zealand
    Today - sort of work.. 20171012_130809.jpg
    Attached some ply panels to the family trailer to make a bit of shelter for calves, after emptying the mulch that's been sitting at big sister's house since I delivered it last month :facepalm::rolleyes:
    And then a road trip - ("I'm hungry""I'm really very thirsty""I'm very hot today" from Charlie) - to my mate/mentor/ex employer's farm to pick up some 4 day old calves 20171012_173403.jpg we have mostly shorthorn dairy x, couple of nice Limo's, and a sulky Angus x bull calf that were too good to go on the truck. 10 this time, and we'll grab another 5 -$50 each :):) - a discount on the pasture meter we sold him (y)
    Then, had to pick up our first dead lamb from the hoggets, scanned as a single, but had a live and a dead twin:(
    Second 'single' that's had twins - so the % is still ok (y) have 5 alive from 4 and the one wee dead jigger. Only 26 still to lamb.
    Moved the bulls into their paddock to clean it up, and then set up the back of the shearing shed as a calf nursery :rolleyes: 20171012_180651.jpg
    with milk, wee bit of crushed barley (until I get a hay feeder made up) and a portable water trough. Looks funny seeing calves snoozing in the woolshed, but they're only in there to learn about their new feeders :cool:
    then they can cruise around and enjoy the place (y)
  8. Ah gotcha now ;) All very doable, as you know! All the signals are analog, so reed limit switch on top link or for non contact go for powered 3-wire Hall effect prox sensor, either way is pretty easy for position sensing, as it’s just on or off and sending 12v back to the box.

    The speed signals a bit more challenging to recreate the traditional way, but just depends on how stable/accurate you need and the low/high frequency input limits on your seeder control - any thoughts on how / what you want to trigger off?

    My dirty cheat way if you had a spare guidance screen with simulated radar output and just hook up two wires back to your seeder control.
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    Owaka, New Zealand
    All I have at a pinch are two limit switches -one will be perfect for the 3 point link sensor, the other will hopefully (looking for some BIG cap-nuts) read each of the rear wheel bolts. Have got a prox sensor coming.... Will use that for longetivity when it arrives.
    @T Bourne has reed switches set up on his but I just can't find any that shape, so powered-up mechanical switches delivering a pulse will get me going for now, have about 85ha or so to drill over the next few weeks!
    I'm predicting, this big rectangular plug to the control box will have contacts for switches, and other contacts for input pulses with a voltage- and my cable wont go to the right pairs for my use; but if not a power feed to the switches should, in my way of thinking, get around this if that's the case.
    Would likely take more time than I have to source another plug for the control box and- :inpain: bet it wouldn't be cheap from "the people" :cry: given these little cables are usually marked up about 2000% :banghead:
    Thanks heaps for your help (y)
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    Welcomed a nice set of twins into the world this morning. IMG_20171012_082948.jpg


    Then home to milk and check on the babes Screenshot_20171012-162948.png
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    North Shropshire
    Combi drilling wheat today. Giving Diego another year. Most farms in the parish have got a 3 metre combi drill trundling up and down today. IMG_20171012_113814.jpg IMG_20171012_113847.jpg
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    Looks like that header has caused an acute shortage of carts;):)
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    Yes it going to be a long day lucky it is our maize we are cutting.
  18. Kevtherev

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    Welshpool Powys
  19. Two Tone

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    Last of our fields to drill this year. Bit of an after thought of taking out some pasture that we replaced elsewhere. This field can get a bit wet. So planted with Barley as the tramlines won't get hammered so much as it would with Wheat thanks to 3-4 less passes.
    Ploughed yesterday
    Combi Drilled today
    Then rolled IMG_0137.JPG
    Job done just before Friday the 13th!
    Dare I spray it tomorrow or will it put a jinx on the field?
  20. Nearly

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    North of York
    Ploughed headland of wheat field and while it dried fitted this. 20171012_155910.jpg It might get painted grey one day.
    Now it will lift the 4m combi. 20171012_184641.jpg
    Finished in the dark.
    Drilled up my little patch.
    Rolling tomorrow hopefully.

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