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  1. ARW

    ARW Member

    Averaging 180 metres a day on my own
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  2. Been a busy couple of months but we've knocked this up just in time for Newark again, last items turned up today in the nic of time I wasn't biting my nails ...honest

    Any way pressure is off now
    20181108_162413.jpg 20181108_162423.jpg 20181108_162525.jpg 20181108_162636.jpg 20181108_155625.jpg 20181108_155613.jpg 20181108_155745.jpg
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  3. ih1455xl

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    IMG_3638.JPG This was defiantly more exciting day with the trencher
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  4. Shovelhands

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    Sunny Essex
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  5. Flat 10

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    Fen Edge
    Was it a big one?
  6. Exactly 1 year ago this was for Newark 20170908_180303.jpg
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  7. Shovelhands

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    Sunny Essex
    So you thought you’d roll it back out again for a few more likes?.....o_O...:p:p:D
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  8. Farmersboy

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    South Lancashire
    A537200A-39DC-4273-934B-31CF2D1146BC.jpeg 5D1D0B9A-4DC2-4A00-9520-3857AB89A210.jpeg Harvested Fat Hen today, with some fodderbeet in between
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  9. It's the taking part shovelfingers...
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  10. Shovelhands

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    Sunny Essex
  11. jendan

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  12. If you book it in... it will happen ;)
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  13. Mursal

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    If you dont mind me asking, what type of hours were spent on the little Massey to get it looking better than new?
  14. Haven't totted it up yet
    But 3-400 ISH I'd say
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  15. bovrill

    bovrill Member

    East Essex
    Blimey, at £3.50 an hour that's not a cheap little tractor :eek:

  16. £1.75 Inc vat you mean :LOL:
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  17. see a lot of pics like this. how the hell are you going to cut the hedge in future without knocking posts over ?
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  18. davidroberts30

    hit it hard before fencing then let it come back out over the fence
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  19. ARW

    ARW Member

    Hedge has been knocked back hard then let the hedge grow through
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  20. kmo

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    E. Wales
    Let the hedge grow through. Then when the stakes rot off, there'll be something to hold the netting up.:eek:
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