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  1. Jhabc

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    Once you get over the Concussion you will be able to reach a Conclusion
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  2. solo

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  3. AgriiMark

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    You guessed it. . Never ending
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  4. sclb

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    Tunbridge Wells
    Does it not mark the ground? All that weight going down the rows?
  5. AgriiMark

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    It is ridged up beds, does mark but it is re ridged after compost has been put on, try not to do it when ground is to wet
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  6. Robert K

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    I'm sure we could organise a heater
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  7. Phwoar!!!!! 7000

    It's at its final stages now getting nearer for the paint process
  8. I do enjoy reading / looking at your posts.

    Do you do it all yourself? Mechanical & Paint.
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  9. JP1

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  10. J 1177

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    Durham, UK
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  11. Shifting wheat yesterday and the sprocket gave up IMG_2627.JPG
    Quick trip to the bearing shop and a new 1 bought and ready to put back on this morning
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  12. Gerbert

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    Dutch biblebelt
    You did get the maximum out of it though.
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  13. Dman2

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    Durham, UK
    Whats it off?
  14. Yes to be fair I thought it would last about 1 hour but it actually lasted 2 days then gave up with about 5 ton left in the bin
  15. It’s off a 6 inch trolley auger
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  16. Hurdle bunter

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    IMG_9450.JPG A372CE17-B578-4AFF-8A3E-9B7629AA9FEE.jpg dave looking out towards ironbridge power station
  17. Yes just the 2 of us
    I don't do much paint now as I do everything else
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  18. Mursal

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    Dave's some boy ............
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  19. had e nuff

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    IMG_20190111_134816.jpg IMG_20190111_134738.jpg Waiting for the vet to come read these pre move tests. Should be the last ones. Get back on a 4 next month.
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  20. Bald Rick

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    Out with the old ......



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