Vigilance urged as Hutton Criteria diseases warnings are declared in key potato-growing areas


Written by Charlotte Cunningham

With Hutton Criteria disease warnings declared in key potato-growing areas, now is the time to protect potato crops against late blight, warns Corteva Agriscience. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Planting was delayed in many regions following a cold first quarter, so a significant proportion of crops are in the rapid growth phase as the threat of disease climbs higher. The AHDB’s BlightSpy tool indicates a move into the highest threat level for many counties over the next 48 hours. Growers across the East, South East and South West of England are on BlightSpy red alert, as are farmers across the whole of Wales and South West Scotland. Corteva Agriscience recommends using two applications of Zorvec Endavia in the rapid growth phase, providing a base on which to build a robust programme. “Now is the time to ensure those benefits conferred by Zorvec are deployed in your blight programme so your crop gets off to the cleanest possible start,” said Craig Chisholm, the crop protection and seed company’s field technical manager. “This will make managing blight easier across the remainder of the season. “Regionally some crops have emerged slowly and steadily and will now be expected to dash on in the warmer weather.…
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