1. B

    Curious ?

    HI, member of the public here and not knowledgable about arable farming. We are newbie rural neighbours, we moved about a year ago to a house with an arable field next door and I'm curious about some of the things that happen. **I should point out I have absolutely no problem or criticism...
  2. T

    BBC at it again re meat and climate

    Interviewing two farming brothers who have given up beef farming to save the planet.Also some professor from Lancaster University saying that beef and lamb has the highest carbon footprint of all food with pork and chicken a little lower. Where do they get their facts from ? Everyone,even...
  3. M

    Going rate for contract drilling

    I’ve been asked by a neighbour to drill 50 acres of beans for them as it’s too wet for their Vaderstad now. 6metre tine drill, 220hp tractor, all Labour and diesel supplied by ourselves. They will supply seed and loader. Medium to heavy land. Needs to be done to make a profit, not just to cover...
  4. Interagro News

    Spring into action with Sorrento: A helping hand for post-emergence

    Spring into action with Sorrento: A helping hand for post-emergence Following months of heavy rain, many winter crops sown last autumn missed their usual pre-emergence herbicide treatment, while others have established poorly and lack the competitiveness needed to thrive. This means large...
  5. G

    Blenky resigns?

    Red Tractor board member no longer. Resigned? Not stood again? Don't know. But not great calling your farmer members "backstabbers" because they have a different opinion and suggest some reform and improvements. All we want is for feed mills to be able to choose their own intake standards...
  6. G

    The coming famine

    With fertiliser doubled in price, and possibly unavailable worldwide in 2022 due to factory closures, it doesnt bode well for harvest 2022 Add in the senseless tree planting on arable land and clearance of hill sheep for trees, the loss of pigs to landfill, we could be facing a major shortage of...
  7. W

    Leaving job without notice

    Hi. If an employee just leaves and doesn't come back can the employer do anything about it?
  8. Agrovista News

    Sartorialâs resilience powers it to top spot in wheat variety trial

    Sartorialâs resilience powers it to top spot in wheat variety trial Excellent establishment and impressive early vigour helped Sartorial winter wheat top the yield stakes in Agrovistas recently harvested variety trial at Kelso in the Scottish Borders. Sartorial achieved a treated yield of...
  9. The Guardian RSS

    ‘I hug them’: meet the farmer raising 2,000lb pumpkins

    ‘I hug them’: meet the farmer raising 2,000lb pumpkins Written by Gabrielle Canon in Napa, California from the Guardian Armed with ‘golden seeds’, Leonardo Urena is part of an elite group of global growers – and this year produced California’s largest specimen It starts with a tiny seed...
  10. Chasingmytail

    So why are so many vaccinated people getting Covid?

    Makes no sense to me I know so many people who were double vac yet been ill. Ive had an argument with my mum that its failed to promise. So vaccinated and non vac give the same risks to the vulnerable. Then she says that will have it a lot less than non-vac - how does she know this what...
  11. R

    Cattle on cleared rainforest.

    I read recently about some regulation that meant cattle had to be used before soya was planted, or was it the other way round? there was a name for it but can't remember. Anybody know what the rules are and the name of the regulation?
  12. Electricfencer

    Tupping lambs on beet

    Iv got 100 big Suffolk cross lambs that I want to tup, iv got enough seeds for 4 weeks then fodder beet to graze. Has anyone had experience putting them on beet a couple of days before the tups go in?
  13. Rihards

    Sumo 6m DTS or DD grain and fert

    Hi! Looking for used Sumo DTS or DD drill 6m working width with seed&fert. Any offers welcome.
  14. J

    Vaderstad Carrier for sowing small seeds ? Yay or Nay ?

    Hi everyone wanting a bit of input , looking at a 5m carrier with disc, levelling board , steelrunner roller and bio drill . Would this work ok for sowing brassica , grass , clover , chicory and the like ? Just a bit worried the steel runner roller might sink those small seeds a bit deep ...
  15. Cows 'n grass

    Late lactation milk fever

    I've had 4 cows in the past ten days with milk fever like symptoms. They are all 200+ days in milk. The current diet is approx 4kg DM maize silage 3kg cake 7 kg DM grazed grass We're still doing building work so only have feed space for 200 out of 500. Is maize low enough in Ca that if...
  16. danpwll

    grazzing stubble turnips with store cattle

    how long would a 5ac good crop of stubble turnips last 20 bullocks 14 months old ?? its been a old pasture that grew poor , burnt it off and disced and spread the stubbles on at 1.5kg acre in july, thought cattle would break down the soil easier for re seeding next spring , hopefully level it...
  17. Laggard

    2022 Sugar beet price not enough

    Spring barley @ £250/t looks a lot easier
  18. U

    Yellow patches in winter barley

    Question from a dairy farmer for you corn men WB drilled 10th sept after plough & combination into cracking seed bed Very quick & even germination. Reasonable amount of rain since but ground still "sound" Last couple of weeks sporadic patches of yellow appearing. Probably worse at ends. What...
  19. J

    How to and cost of growing corn 🙈

    Hi all, venturing to a side of the forum I've never been to 😬 I'm looking at growing corn for the first time next year and as daft as it sounds have very little knowledge on how to grow it! I grow wholecrop barley successfully (10tdm/ha) so hoping to do the same but combine it. What yields can...
  20. Badshot

    Combining grain maize

    I am currently looking at this. there's a few doing it round here now. Some to dry, some to crimp. I like the look of it to crimp, but I'm unsure on the saleability of the crimped grain. Discuss.....