Wanted 22/24/26MT Split Yellow Maize ExMill or Delivered


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I want to source 22MT Split Yellow Maize 22x1000Kg Totes ExMill or Delivered to Rotherham S66. We can handle 1000Kg tote bags or small packs 20/25Kg 26 pallets. Normally 22 tote bags can be loaded on to a artic curtainsider, but if you can load more I will take more 24/26 if the totes fit flush on a standard UK pallet.

I am based in Rotherham S66 and delivery is preferred, but I am happy to receive quotes for exmill and I will seek haulage quotes.

The product needs to be clean split maize suitable for animal feed without any need for further cleaning. I currently purchase imported maize, but I love to support British Farming whenever possible.

Please note: I am a regular purchaser of Split Maize, Naked Oats, Pinhead Oatmeat and Whole Wheat and other seeds used for animal feed ingredients throughout the year.

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